Watch! Hillary Grins Nervously as Trump Promises a Special Prosecutor When He’s President

“Because you’d be in jail.” And the crowd roared with delight!

Trump took off the gloves tonight and gave it to Hillary like no one in history has given it to her.

So delightful. You may want to watch this video more than once.

Bill is surely dreaming of a happy life without Hillary around. Or maybe he’s afraid he’ll go to jail with her.

bill and chelsea clinton

11 thoughts on “Watch! Hillary Grins Nervously as Trump Promises a Special Prosecutor When He’s President

  1. The people are behind Trump and no matter what the lying press do he will win if you go out and vote next month no matter what they pull. They are liars and will say and do anything to get their puppet in office. Well done Trump. I did notice that his mic was badly eq’d and the volume up so as to make him sound as bad as poss, just another dirty trick from the media that didn’t work.

  2. Fagg Anderson Cooper to roaring audience upon the word JAIL – “Please do not applaud, you are wasting our time…”

    Isn’t it “sweet” how concerned is this disgusting sleazy slimy fagg?

  3. Bill O’Reilly said the media told their hosts they’d be fired if they supported Trump! But, not to worry, all of them are for Hillary anyway, except three or four at Fox. Right before our eyes, these Communists are showing us they are everything we learned they were in past history.

      • It’s not just the “new” stuff that has the Clinton’s worrying. I don’t know what the statute of limitations is, but I came across this when researching on the Paula Jones matter which I commented on at another of Saboteur’s links, and this probably doesn’t even scratch the surface on all the open matters involving Billy Clinton and Hilly Rodham. Their only “saving grace” from being prosecuted earlier was that they were involved along with other of the top “power people”, but surely many of those have learned by now that association with the Clintons means only trouble for those around them.


        Some of those Trusts were set up by Jackson Stephens of Little Rock, AR. and The Rose Law Firm involving Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton.


        Norman Phillip Brownstein is a Director of Chubb Insurance Company that paid off Paula Jones, Bill Clinton’s lover and Clinton legal fees.

        Chubb Identity Company of Denver is an old right wing cabalist CIA Company controlled by Leonard Millman.

        Norman Brownstein and Steve Hoth who works for Brownstein in his Denver law firm are both attorneys for Leonard Millman and George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush’s Criminal father.


        James M. Lyons Director of MDC was involved in the Whitewater Development the Saving & Loan Scandal with Bill & Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton involving Twin Cities Bank of Little Rock, AR., Madison Guarantee Bank and Beach Federal.


        James Lyons a MDC Director was Bill & Hillary Clinton’s Attorney.


        Phil Winn MDC Director was the former FHA Commissioner in the 1980s and was indicted and convicted for frauds at HUD, which I, Stew Webb, was involved in exposing the HUD scandal hearing before the U.S. Congress in 1989. Asst. HUD Secretary Phil Winn, Asst. HUD Secretary Phillip Abrams, HUD Secretary Samuel Pierce, MDC Director Ray Baker, Asst. HUD Secretary Silvio DeBartolimous, Millman’s brother-in-law Denver Attorney Allen Karsh were know as The Winn Group of Denver, all insiders at MDC.”

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