Texas man keeps rescued squirrel with ‘temperament’ of ‘his cat’ as his pet

allen pursely and squirrel

This story of man and squirrel is my feel good story of the day. Enjoy!

My San Antonio

What began as a rescue attempt has formed into a 2-year friendship between a Dallas man and his pet squirrel.

Allen Pursely’s husband, who works at a vet clinic, picked up Rocky after he had fallen out of a tree. At that time, the baby animal was so young his eyes were still shut. With Pursely working from home and taking primary care of Rocky, the two forged a bond, he told The Dodo.

“I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning. We were just basically trying to keep him alive,” Pursely said in the interview. “Then I started spending a lot of time with him. Before the week was up, I was already converting our closet into a space for him.”

Now, Pursely is the only person Rocky wants to be around. Even the other house pets, a few dogs and a cat, are no match for Rocky’s roughhousing, Pursely told The Dodo.

Link to Allen Pursely’s youtube channel

It turns out that there are a whole bunch of rescued squirrel videos on youtube. Here’s one of many I found.

Squirrel lives matter!

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