Media Cover Up: French Cops Roasted Alive in Molotov Cocktail Attack Perpetrated by Mob of African Migrants

La Grande Borne is a so-called housing estate on the outskirts of Paris, France.

The hoped for Utopia planned by the architechts has borne bitter fruit.

The place is filled with Africans. These vermin have brought poverty, filth, violence, and crime with them from their black homelands.

Even the French police are not safe.

I’ve read three or four news reports about this attack. The perps are described as part of a drug gang. The mainstream press won’t reveal anything about their ethnicity. Thanks to Wikipedia’s entry on Grande Borne, it’s a safe bet they’re Africans.

Four French police officers set on FIRE in evil petrol bomb attack by masked thugs

A DOZEN masked thugs set four French police officers on fire yesterday after launching petrol bombs at their cars.

The officers were in patrol on the Grande Borne – a notorious housing estate in Paris – at the time of the sickening incident.

Eyewitnesses said they were “attacked from all sides” by the cowardly mob, who have yet to be identified.

The victims are currently being treated at a nearby hospital.

A police source said: “Assailants in a group of around a dozen threw Molotov cocktails at the car.

“Two of the officers were very badly burned and rushed to intensive care units. Two others received hospital treatment.

“The other officers hurt managed to call reinforcements who turned up to secure the area.”

French President Francois Hollande condemned the violence, which took place at 3pm local time (2pm BST) on Saturday.

He said: “Everything will be done to find the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice.”

The incident was “unspeakable” because it “endangered the lives of officers whose job was to protect the population”, he added.

Prime Minister Manuel Valls called the attack – believed to have been carried out by a drug gang – “extremely serious and very cowardly”.

And local mayor Jean-Marie Vilain said: “The next step will be to go inside Grande Borne to put an end to all the drug dealing.”

The attack comes during a state of emergency put in place across France following a string of Islamic State terror attacks.

Warped jihadists slaughtered 130 people across Paris last November, while 86 people were killed in Nice while celebrating Bastille Day in July.

Protests against the government over employment reform has also seen a series of savage attacks on police officers.

Grande Borne, a housing project that was built in the 1960s, is now officially classed as a “sensitive security area”.

The photo below illustrates what the media don’t want you to know.


9 thoughts on “Media Cover Up: French Cops Roasted Alive in Molotov Cocktail Attack Perpetrated by Mob of African Migrants

  1. Well, I am glad that this happened to French police, because these assholes always go hard on French people if they dare to protest against vermin, and always go soft on “migrants” and already settled “French” Turders.

    Remember those idiots arrested French general, 75, (who commanded the Foreign Legion) at violent anti-Islam protest in Calais which he joined ‘to prevent the decline of country’ –

    It’s the same shit with the police across Liberal Europe, be it French, German, UK… you name it. Even more burned cars and cops will not change their attitude. Fuck them all.

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  3. So,muzzies can get violently radicalised ,courtesy of the koran ,is that not so? They act out its commandments against us with impunity, and expect us to just cower down in subjection. Stupid inbred fools, they don’t realise that their actions have created a hatred so intense in many of us white folk,Christian or not ,that that fire in our hearts will only be quenched with the blood of our” lovely culture enrichers”. We keep silent,educate those of us who are still blinded -well we try anyway,and wait,the right leader and circumstances will soon show themselves,and we will rally behind him (or her)and then there will be a bloodbath..including their dhimmified leftist enablers(traitors) . Bring it on.Remember ,we English created an empire out of blood,quelled and subjugated these very same neanderthals for use as labour to build those colonies that they have now completely destroyed and turned into dung holes ! Savages ! That alone shows us we can and will suceed .Please,please will another Churchill show himself,we are prepared,and i can’t wait any longer!!

  4. Are French cops enjoying the “Privilege” provided by jewry’s invitees?

    “In France the Jewish organizations LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme et l’antisemitisme) and CRIF(Conseil Représentatif des Institutions Juives de France) representing the Jews of France, which are some of of the driving forces in the promotion of hate speech legislation, the multicult and the defamation of nationalist organizations and individuals. This in spite of the fact that it is North African muslim immigrants who are the real threat to the life and well being of Jews in France. Both organizations have close ties with the Jewish Freemason Organization B’nai B’rith”.

  5. “j.e.w.s. (just eternally wickeds) are guilty of all crimes, Christ tells Us All!!!” —Matthew 23:33-36.

    “Caiaphas, which murdered Christ, was negroid and Asiatic (that troop and magog) per all of Christ’s contemporaries”.

    So, all blacks and yellows are all jews, Yes, which raped to death, and otherwise murdered nearly All of the Whites in Germany, Russia, Greece, Spain, Port, America, Rest of Europe, Can, Aus, NZ, etc, as eyewitnesses all report—-the tiny few who survived!!!

  6. “And local mayor Jean-Marie Vilain said: “The next step will be to go inside Grande Borne to put an end to all the drug dealing.”
    Yes, sure, mayors always tell the truth and never take bribes from drug dealers. Nor do police, judges and National level politicians.
    Ethnic crime and drug dealing, none, anywhere.

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