NEW! Juanita Broaddrick Gives Interview Describing Bill’s RAPE (Very Disturbing)

Published on youtube on October 9, 2016 (today).

We must do what we can do to stop monsters Bill and Hillary from doing to the world what they’ve done to Ms. Broaddrick.

For God’s sake, wake up, world. You’ve been bullshitted by the (((globalist New World Order))) into thinking that Hillary Clinton is qualified for anything but prison. Every institution that depends on your impoverishment and enslavement supports Hillary for President. They know that if Donald Trump is at the helm of the ship of state that their free ride at your expense will be over.

Share this video with every woman you know. It’s very clear that Bill and Hillary are violent psychopaths whose lust for power is derived from their selling their souls to the devil decades ago.

So sad. So frightening.

pepe crying gif

6 thoughts on “NEW! Juanita Broaddrick Gives Interview Describing Bill’s RAPE (Very Disturbing)

  1. Interesting how this page is empty. Everyone is busy bashing on the next story. Here is a woman who is not a victim of Feminism so much as Classism and Elitism. Hey she is just some regular, aged, chubby white bitch. Her story does not matter, but all the so called heroes are busy giving props to Massa T for using the word “pu$$y”. Typical of white kwanified males in Da States. When shyte gets real, many run for cover and take the easy way out and blame that evil Feminism, which is really an Elitist Manipulation of suffragism and workers’ rights movements. But everybody is so busy trying to outdo one another and prove their manhood over stupid stuff and prove that they are better than da’ wimenz.

    But hey, who wants to f$%k this broad so who cares right?

    • I don’t know that that is it vikingbitch, many probably just did not have much to add to this really. Plus, commenting can get tiresome. But once a few comments begin, they invite others.

      • Which is why I try to get provocative, but one cannot help to notice how this post as well as the one where Hillary talks about being unable to relate to the middle class do not get airplay, but man everyone has alot to say about that whole Pussey Gate thing (hahahahahahahah). Just goes to show how meatier stories with REAL content do not attract the mental midgets like Pussygate does. A real sad commentary actually.

  2. Whether I believe her story or not, I would caution people to just automatically assume she (or anyone making past rape allegations) is telling the truth.

    While I believe Thump is too much of a gentleman to pursue unwanted advances, what goes on behind closed doors is difficult to prove. Powerful, highly placed men will generally, but not always, attempt sexual conquests simply because they can.

    37 year old allegations of rape by Bill Clinton have no place in this sleazy campaign nor does 11 year old sex banter between two men who thought they had expected privacy.

    • The Clintons always play dirty. They are the ones who brought up Obama being a Muslim and they brought up the birther issue. They brought anal porn queen Machado into this, for example.

      I partly disagree. Clinton’s actions (him and her) are probably illegal. Certainly his sexual assault accusation is. Trump has one pretty ridiculous rape allegation against him. Sex talk is not illegal.

      Broaddrick had a busted lip after her encounter with Bill, which indicates either rough consensual sex or rape. Remember that Bill denied Monica until he couldn’t. They are pathological liars.

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