Leaked: Democrats Plan to Pin Rape Hoax on Trump

Alex Jones spends 18 minutes focused on the plots and conspiracies by the (((elites))) to install globalist Hillary in the White House through a series of dirty tricks aimed at Donald Trump.

In over 12,000 posts here, I’ve posted only a few of Alex Jones videos. This one shows a more serious, under control Alex who obviously knows some things we don’t about the Democrats strategy to smear Donald Trump. Remember that Jones rose to prominence by exposing Bill’s shenanigans with Monica back in the 90s.

Being a self-promoter he also talks about his planned livestream coverage of the Sunday night debate.

Published on Oct 8, 2016

Showing their true colors, the Clinton’s attempt to counter their own dastardly deeds with false accusations. Their tactics are shrewd, honed by decades of dishonest political manipulation. Will they hoodwink the whole country again? Or will their castle of lies come crushing down in the harsh light of the truth? Alex breaks down the latest salvo in this rousing call to to patriots everywhere.

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