Hillary is Secretly One of Us

hillary hitler

I take it all back. I’m with her now. Ya vol mein herr.

Surprise! Hillary is one of us. Like us, she’s a pro-genocide racist. She recognizes that blacks and Muslims are losers. What more could one ask for in a president.

I’m certain that Hillary will conjure up an excuse to genocide blacks. I don’t how she’ll do it, but she is the smartest woman in the world, so she’ll get the job done. Hell, she’s already genociding Arabs in the Middle East.

Hillary will oversee a new Holocaust. She had me fooled into thinking she was anti-white, but that was a clever act.

Heil Hitlery:

And the icing on the cake? Hillary speaks in our language.


Who needs Donald Trump when we have a homicidal racist on our side?

So, let’s make sure we vote early and vote often. For Hillary!

hillary clinton angry

4 thoughts on “Hillary is Secretly One of Us

  1. To be honest I think that anyone clever enough to get that far would be observant enough to notice genetic and cultural disparities and their effects, regardless of their stance and policies.

    In other words, I believe everyone successful in fields where thinking matters is racist. What makes difference is how they interact with world. Some embrace, others overcompensate, many are in denial etc. But underlying fact stays the same – races are different in more ways than a skin color.

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  3. PJ, please send this to The Conservative Treehouse, I don’t know how to do it, I’m old! LOL! It will get major traction, lots of people on twitter, facebook etc. Thank you!

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