10 Million Women Go Online to Blame Donald Trump for Their Rapes


In what was clearly a feminist presidential politics motivated move, Kelly Oxford invited women to Tweet their sexual assault stories in response to Donald Trump’s boy talk, which has dominated the news cycle since Friday afternoon.

As I noted on earlier posts, there were from the start many feminists commenting that Trump’s talk was in fact rape itself.

Words = rape.

That’s the insane mindset of these women.

All of the big news outlets are running the story with the words “Trump” and “rape” in the headlines, an obvious propaganda ploy to associate Donald Trump with rape. I’m expecting many to start calling for Trump to be indicted on hate crime charges. That’s one way to win an election, I suppose.

As per the Alex Jones video in another post today, I also expect the Clintons (or their billionaire supporters) have prompted a half dozen or more women to step forward with false rape allegations against Trump. Expect to see more on that soon.

Excerpt from mirror.co.uk

The women were inspired to share their experiences in an attempt to change attitudes after vile comments made by US presidential candidate Donald Trump emerged.

He was caught on a microphone making lewd comments about women back in 2005.

In the clip, he is heard saying:“You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.”

“And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.

“Grab them by the p****. You can do anything.”

A statement from Mr Trump said: “This was locker room banter, a private conversation that took place many years ago.

LOL. Donald Trump’s private conversation 11 years ago that no one knew about caused women to be raped 20 years ago or even a weak ago.

To a feminist, when they let you do it, it’s still rape.


Here are some of the rape stories I’ve pulled randomly. I’ve mixed in one or two from White Knights who demand that men “behave.”

And a tiny amount of pushback from a troll:

We should recognize this big story for what it is, which is another one of hundreds of efforts to make Donald Trump out to be a villain. From the first day he announced his run for the presidency and noted that some Mexicans crossing the border were rapists, there’s been a concerted effort by the left to destroy him.

As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s certainly true that no heterosexual person hasn’t talked in a sexually explicit way about the opposite sex.

In terms of the propaganda war, Trump is losing and losing badly today. Hillary’s supporters have shifted the conversation away from Bill’s misdeeds to the Don’s language, while exaggerating it to make it seem that Trump is a rapist for having consensual sex with attractive women.

Maybe it’s because he has shown interest in attractive women that the unattractive hags who love Hillary so much are so angry.

35 thoughts on “10 Million Women Go Online to Blame Donald Trump for Their Rapes

  1. One of the most important books that I’ve ever read was “Opus 21,” by Philip Wylie. It’s a semi-autobiographical novel, that has two chapters, spaced randomly in the book, that have absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of the book, or with each other. The first weird chapter has Jesus, in the bomb-bay of the B-29, the Enola Gay, on the way to drop an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. He tries to talk the scientists and the armorer into not dropping the bomb. We all know how that turned out.
    The second chapter is about WORDS!! Words almost cause a nuclear war, when the words, “FUCK STALIN,” mysteriously appear in the sky above the Kremlin. “The Boss” thinks it’s a CIA/Pentagon plot to overthrow him. And words do, indeed, cause a WORLD-WIDE frenzy of “inner-city” folks robbing, raping, and burning the hinterlands, after they have looted and burned down their own cities, of course. Sound familiar?
    Film at eleven.

  2. Who deliberately recorded Trump while supposedly off mike and secretly kept the recording for 11 years? Was this legal? Was station property stolen such as the original tape – very likely.
    How much did the Jews/Democrats pay for this illegal and probably stolen recording? Was this payment a crime?
    Was publishing this a crime along the Hulk Hogan lines, or actionable in a civil court for libel? The conversation was private, and on private property, there is no dispute about that. Was the other man talking to Trump the one who taped Trump, and not the microphone?

    Looking back at Watergate, Nixon was not the criminal. The Jew journalists were the real criminals working to bring down an elected President. Jews love a coup and hate elections.

    • “Nixon was not the criminal”? Tricky opened relations with China and helped Henry Kissinger get a Nobel Peace Prize. “My daughters love Checkers and, by golly, we’re not going to give him back.”

    • I haven’t done the research yet, but they allegedly have Trump on the Howard Stern show (((Jew))) saying that his daughter Ivanka is a nice piece of ass. This may force him to resign, I fear. He’s almost certainly going to lose now.


      In terms of the original tape, Trump was on a TV show. I don’t think it was illegal. He may have even known the mic was on. He certainly talked sex with Howard Stern very openly.

      • If the mic wasn’t on and it was supposed to be off the record or something like that then it’s clearly something that he can sue for, in my opinion.

      • Paladin,
        The Ivanka comment is really old news, but sure the media will make it out to be a NEW find.

        The problem with Trump is he speaks the truth regardless of how it sounds. To many men, Ivanka IS a nice piece of ass. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with a father recognizing he has a beautiful daughter, which I think he probably meant, but it certainly came off very wrong! Working in the construction industry has not done him a favor in that respect. Their language rubbed off on him!

  3. That girl’s eyebrows distract me…

    Anyway, a good rule of thumb out here is do not say shyte. Think it….DO what you want to do because actions speak louder than words, but unfortunately we are in the Too Much Information age (TMI) where words and statements get twisted.

    I tell my kids to “keep a lid on it” in public because people will take what you say and pathologize it. This is why I do not allow other children at my house. This is why I keep my kids away from DieVersity (for the most part) because ANY statement or utterance you make will be twisted.

    Stay away from interviews, from talking with MANY people in general. Carry your on recorder. Do what you have to do, but Trump should have known better.

    Also, NEVER admit to a wrongdoing. NEVER apologize.

    • Your advice is sound. However, Trump’s life was as a showman. Being an author and TV star he had to do interviews. What galls me is the hypocrisy. Personally, I distinguish between words and illegal acts. Words are not illegal except for threats.

      • Threats really should not be illegal either. I had some neighbor nog say she was going to “beat my ass”. Is she getting raked over the coals? Nope.

        Do you think my “white” neighbors would side with me? Nope.

        Whites in the Kwa are just dumb. I am sorry, but I am over most of them. They are truly retarded.

  4. So boastful words in a locker room is bad but blow and irresponsible use of cigars in the oval office ok.

    Maybe she should explain why.

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  6. I think the REAL issue here is not that this man said “pu$$y”, but that he believes that:


    The content in his words is perceived as entitlement and that is what people are truly getting sick of in this country….and it is not just the Wealthy Entitlement Complex, but the Ghetto Entitlement Complex that pervades much of our culture as well.

    Those who actually have to work for families, for money, for prestige, or just for a CHANCE…are always kicked down and are sandwiched between the Ghetto Entitled and the Wealthy Entitled.

      • Yup. They are pissed because he spoke the truth about the inherent nature of women and women hate the truth.

        If Donald Trump or Tom Brady grab a woman by the cunt it’s hot
        If it’s a fat IT nerd it’s sexual assault

        Which pretty much sums up the sexual harassment etc laws.

      • Not all women kowtow to rich azzzzholes, which is why you have this tweet explosion.

        It Trump wants to appeal to the displaced, he needs to lessen the egotism and come down to earth. That is where Hillary will beat him.

        Pride goeth before a fall.

      • Lol they are pissed the truth is out and are acting acting out for political reasons.

        Not sure who your trying to Buffalo, but I reckon it’s mostly yourself.

      • SFC Ton:

        So should women go out and work for their own money? Is the vocation of housewife and mother, although unpaid, work something monetarily?

        If women put they pu$$y out there to snag a rich man, could this oh rank phenomenon be curtailed if women, their work, and their childbearing and rearing valued?

        You bitch and moan about women putting it out there for rich guys but corrupt patriarchy created this, not women. Teaching, nursing, and caregiving are WAAAAAAAY undervalued in the Land of Tyranny of The Dick, So you get what you give…..

      • “Tyranny of the dick?” The whole world revolves around one thing, and it’s not dick, it’s PUSSY. You ever heard of a country starting a war over dick?

  7. America, wake up, what in the hell has this got to do with politics?????????????????
    Who cares what he said 11 years ago. Christ, if you let this sway you then you deserve Hillary.
    I’m beginning to think that you American are as stupid as everyone makes out, forget about this nonsense, dismiss it completely just like the bitch does.

    • Well Well Well…Malsipots

      You somewhat took the words right out of my mouth

      I may have used a different word or 2

      Yes…snap out of it people and don’t loose your focus

      November 8th election is about


      Trump = Americanism

      Hillary = Globalism

      Which direction do you want America to go 󾓦

      • Feminist will never snap out of it because this is all that matters to them and is the full extent of their politics. Looting the White Male. It ain’t about men sexualizing or exploiting women, it’s about women figuring out yet more ways to exploit the men through the ballot box. It is their entire world and the gravy train that can never stop or they would have to live in the real world.

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  9. While I agree what Trump said is not worthy of this much attention, what are some men doing that might provoke this outrage from women? Yes, liberal females have been brainwashed to hate White males, but really, do men have to give them reason for their hate? Look at this from Daily Stormer, Andrew Anglin’s website. Even the very strong conservative Trump supporting married with children female White Nationalists on Twitter are disgusted!

    “Only Men Pay Taxes”

    Andrew Anglin
    Daily Stormer
    October 8, 2016

    “Women are natural parasites.

    And that’s fine, because they do useful things, such as make sandwiches, provide sex and produce children.

    However, claiming that they are “equal” and “deserve rights” while they skirt all basic responsibilities to their society is absolutely ridiculous. If we are going to feed these women, pay for their entire lives, we should be getting something in return.

    Otherwise, what is the point?

    Women who refuse to serve men are obsolete. Literally without any useful function. What’s worse, they create chaos and destroy things men have built and flood us with disgusting, evil monkeys.

    Time to get these hoes back on the leash before it’s too late.”

    Some of the comments:

    You gotta grab them by the pussy to leash them.

    For fuck’s sake: grab them by the pussies!

    In all fairness woman have been obsolete in society.
    They have machines that make sandwiches (and even cook them) and clean your house for you.
    They sell fake pussy’s that are touted as good as the real thing without the bitch attached.
    They can basically grow you in a test tube so don’t need them for that anymore either.
    What exactly do we even need them for anymore?
    To me woman are the new “blacks” and are a never ending burden on us.

    Eh I’ve learned that you’re better off never even talking to a woman unless it’s to give an order.

    Even if you want to go out with a girl you’re better of talking to a guy who is her friend, family member, or even co-worker and suddenly she’ll want to fuck you.

    A woman is merely a life-support system for a pussy.

    Women are still good for sex. But yeah not much else.

    My woman is obedient and when she steps out of line I’m quick to put her in her place. Woman are like dogs, they need to be trained right or they’re a nightmare.


    • The Stormer is sooooooo bad……

      Really sad, considering that men outnumber women on planet earth by 60, 0000.

      Gee Stormer Stooges… Are you all going to grow ovaries and produce eggs and make children by yourselves?

      Men like those found on Stormer are the REAL nogs. They want something for nothing. Millions of MEN are homeless in the USA and elsewhere. Millions of men are suffering from addiction. Why? Because THEY have made themselves obsolete by not honoring and protecting their women. Drug addiction is a disease of the EGO. It is the result of pride and vanity.

      Look at what happened in Pakistan and the other crapistans? All those female fetuses killed and now a surplus of men who are humping rocks and each other because the alpha males took all the women. The Corrupt Alphas turned their lower income male peers against their own women so they could take them from them. It’s not the uselessness of women, but the corrupted minds of men who believe that women are useless. Now these millions of Mohammedans are raping the women of Europe… You know, all those fat western hoez you all bitch about. Guess Mohsmmed will have them. Poon is poon when you have none back home.

      You sweat yourself, you end up by yourself. But these douches don’t care.

      Trump fucked up. Everyone does. It’s okay… But let us not think that this is just what men do. Don’t people want to be better than that?

  10. As usual, it is all about one woman who posts comments here, and not Donald Trump. This ranting to me confirms a lot of the Andrew Anglin stuff quoted above, it is true. This VB is a woman who does not allow any other children to enter her home. Yes, I was also brought up by a single mother with such social skills and maybe BPD or similar. No other kids (i.e. friends) allowed in the home for my entire childhood, after the divorce of my parents. Happy days! Single mums are the greatest, who needs a father, especially boys!

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