In Defense of Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments


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Gasp! Donald Trump once said the word p*ssy. It’s on tape, so we know he said it. I’ll bet he’s even said it more than once. This particular recording that appeared in the press on Friday is eleven years old, but I’m willing to wager that the Don has said that word many times since.

As Jesus once said, “If thou art a voter and thou hath not said p*ssy, then thou shouldest cast thy vote for Satan’s daughter Hillary, who has a p*ssy.”

How can the Don’s comments, be defended? Hillary doesn’t think they can be defended at all.

I left my reply to her Tweet but I don’t know Twitter well enough to say that it wasn’t deleted by her people. There’s some real pushback against Hillary in the replies I did see.

Recall that the late President Richard Nixon was caught on tape saying mean or taboo words. “Jewboy” was one of them that I recall all these years later.

Trump characterizes his language as “locker room” talk that isn’t as bad as he’s heard Bill Clinton say on the golf course.

So why do men engage in locker room talk? I have my theory, which I will share with you.

When men are together, they like to signal their heterosexuality to other men. It can save awkward moments when you don’t have any interest in having another male proposition you for sex.

Moderate men might look for an opportunity to inject as a shapely female goes by, “Wow! Look at that!” That signals to others that a fellow is sexually interested in women. It’s a manly thing to do.

But Trump is not moderate in anything he does. That’s part of his appeal. There’s no way this man would ever want to come across as an emasculated pajama boy.

pajama boy

The Donald is quoted as saying, “Grab her by the p*ssy.”

Feminists are out in force denouncing Trump as advocating sexual assault and contributing to the amorphous thing they call “rape culture.”

Since I’ve participated in my share of locker room conversations, I can tell you that no one would ever take such a statement literally. It’s a joke

You’d have to be a retard to take it literally. Liberalism really is a mental illness and even more, it’s deliberately willful stupidity.

Let me explain what’s going on.

Men like to signal their heterosexuality to other men (and to women) in order to avoid awkward moments. They also signal other men, sometimes truthfully, sometimes not, that they are strong, powerful womanizers.

Womanizers are admired by both men and women, up to a degree anyway. Bill Clinton was an example of a womanizer that many women found attractive because he was a womanizer. Of course, being POTUS helped a lot. And Clinton’s womanizing was sick, as he forced himself on women.

As a womanizer, Trump is clearly not in the same league as Bill Clinton, but he has created an aura around himself that says, “I can have any woman I want.” Look at his ex-wives and girlfriends.

As Trump has noted, men do deals. To do deals, men have to bond.

Talking about p*ssy or t*ts or whatever other body parts is a significant part of the male bonding ritual. It allows men (normal men anyway) to begin to build bonds of trust with each other.

This kind of bonding is necessary to create civilization. It arises out of human nature. The nature of the male is to want to mate. I suspect that talking about mating actually increases the possibilities for mating. Maybe talking about T & A raises the testosterone level and thus contributes to a man’s longevity. Maybe it makes him look healthier. There are all kinds of possibilities that could be explored by scientists.

Psychologically, empty lewd talk is satisfying to a normal man. I think it hits on the pleasure centers of the brain and releases dopamine. It makes a man feel good about himself.

One of my women friends said years ago in response to these issues that it should be called “boy talk.” She wasn’t offended by it in the least. She also wasn’t a doctrinaire feminist.

Although sex talk can cross the line into pathological behavior, none of the Trump quotes I’ve seen indicate anything other than a healthy interest in women and sex.

Trump’s words can be contrasted with Bill and Hillary Clinton’s actions. Actions speak louder than words.

Bill’s actions scream serial rapist. Hillary’s actions show a woman whose life has been spent cleaning up after Bill’s criminal acts.

Really, she’s an accessory after the fact to multiple sex crimes. It’s very unlikely that Hillary was not aware of Bill’s penchant for violence against women. Such loyalty to a man might be admirable in different circumstances.

The feminists who are denouncing Trump on Twitter, Facebook, and in op-ed pieces as I write these words are the same women who defended Bill Clinton’s sexual infidelity with Monica Lewinsky and his lies under oath that accompanied that scandal.

These feminists also piled on with terms like “bimbo eruption” and “trailer trash” in describing Bill’s victims.

Trump has no victims they can point to, other than fat Rosie O’Donnell and mattress girl, Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. Trump the mean man called them fat, which is worse than rape to a feminist because those words came from Donald Trump–a normal, healthy, heterosexual male.

Overlook actions by a lefty abortion lover, demonize jokes. Feminist hypocrisy is a terrible thing to behold.

I hope that evangelical Christians don’t turn on Trump because of his boy talk. We’ve known for a full year that Trump likes women in a sexual way, as well as other ways.

I hope that suburban white moms don’t fall for the nonsensical feminist argument that is all over Twitter tonight. That argument says to moms that if you send your daughter to be a White House intern that Trump will rape her.

Try connecting the dots from saying “p*ssy” to violently raping a girl in the Oval Office by using logic. There is no such logic. It’s a non sequitur.

But if Hillary is POTUS, Bill will be in the White House too. Bill will have his pickings of the new crop of interns. And given that Bill has said that Hillary has had more p*ssy than him, those interns will need to be dodging both Bill and Hillary.

fat feminist protester gif

feminist retard hypocrite

25 thoughts on “In Defense of Donald Trump’s Lewd Comments

  1. Baldness is a sign of high testosterone levels, virility and manliness. That is why very few women go bald.
    Trump is bald.
    Interesting that baldness becomes more and more shameful as the years roll by. Old men must look like teenagers, even over 70 year old men who are bald like John Kerry, Donald Trump and many men on US media. Why the ridiculous huge rugs and usually never grey? More is better, a big lie is more easily believed etc?
    I wonder if Bill Clinton also wears a rug or has a hair transplant/weave etc?
    Lastly, and leastly (sic), maybe Trump is all talk and has actually banged very few different women. He may prefer to be faithful to his wife. As most men do, shock, horror!

    • Paul McCartney apparently prefers to be married to unattractive women and remain faithful to them. Wanting to cheat on your wife or lady is not normal. Jews do it because Jews are greedy and selfish. They have normalized it via books, music, movies and TV shows. No man who cheats on his woman is going to be made happy. Likewise, a woman might be fooled into thinking that cheating will make her happy, but it won’t.

  2. That he said the word Pu$$y is not a huge deal; however, many “white Men” in the Kwa in my mind have become totally Niggerized. Talk to many “White” men in the Kwa and one will find that their attitude and so-called “bro man” bonding is much like the Nogs.

    If the West is to resurrected, some sort of civility has to be modeled by its men. White women were not in power, white men were. I actually had some little white male about age 18 awhile back state to me that I am to “swallow my white privilege” pill. Wtf?

    You want your women to be better, model excellence and be excellent and encourage (not browbeat or abuse) excellence. The people in the Kwa have let themselves become Infantilized. So sad.

    • “I actually had some little white male about age 18 awhile back state to me that I am to “swallow my white privilege”

      WTF???? Really? Holy shit, lol!

    • Swallow your white privilege? I’m not sure if it’s better to ignore that type of crap or respond to it. Anyway the kid will learn that as a white male, he’s at the bottom of the totem pole. The young white males in Texas must bow to Mexicans, Muslims, and Hindus who have taken over the upper echelon of the professions. Try to find a white male doctor. They’re all nonwhite.

  3. If Trump would have been born as a Fagg, he would be Lefties darling from the first day, and he would be free to say whatever. Just “bad luck”

  4. I think most men, in private, talk the same way. Clinton is a womanizer, so was President Kennedy, I’m sure they all said the same thing the same way. While I disapprove of this site’s inane support for Thump, it looks more and more like cunt Killary is going to end up in the WH. Whoever jew suck ass gets in, they’ll have to fumigate all the coon stink out first.

    • Truth is often politically incorrect and thus attacked in today’s world. Try saying that blacks have a lower IQ than whites and see what happens on a mainstream site: “RACIST!” They don’t want to hear truth.

      • Indeed. And yes, women generally do let celebrities do whatever they want and feel happy for it. That explains to “groupie” phenomenon.

  5. Trump is not lewd. People who are against Him are lewd. Obama is against him. He is for Muslims secretly Being for ISIS. The word “lewd” is from the Saxon, and means properly “ignorant,” “unlearned,” and hence low, vicious (Acts 17:5).•
    KJV Cambridge editon study bible 1611. Old Scofield bible study bible. The Sword study bible or the KJV 1900.

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    • LOL. Normal women like men with balls. I can tell you from my own experience that feminist haters will go after any man they can who expresses himself in a ballsy way or shows admiration for beautiful women.

  7. Updated with the video of Trump’s remarks. Actually, when you listen to it, it sounds much more mild than it looks in print. He’s clearly enjoying the man-to-man banter that no one in her feminist right mind would take seriously.

  8. Trump spoke the truth. There are females, married or not, who will do anything to latch onto a wealthy man, regardless of handsome or ugly. They are a disgrace and Trump’s so-called “offensive” words are apropos, describing these women perfectly. That’s all they have are p*ssies to offer a man with money! He probably had no respect for them since they were so “easy.” Rightly, so!

    It’s not what Trump said, it’s what’s being done to him by the Marxist Mafia and their Agents wallowing in the gutter projecting their own deviances onto him. No one’s concentrating on that. (((They))) enjoy bathing in the smut, probably getting hard-ons by it all.

    We know this is a BS attempt to destroy him. That’s all it is!

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