For Men Who Want to Stay Married: Blogger Free Northerner Computes Factors Contributing to Divorce


The blog post cited here penned by Free Northerner was published in 2013. So, this is not exactly breaking news. But the subject is an interesting one and I doubt that many others have newer data on how to lower your risk of divorce. The statistics refer to American women. Women in other countries may not follow this pattern.

Excerpt from Free Northerer

So, here I’m going to find a bunch of statistics concerning factors of divorce, so you can learn how to lessen your odds of divorce.

Here’s the characteristics of a woman and the odds of her ending up divorced:

Age of first sexual experience (p.10):

>18: ~32-38%
17-18: 47%
15-16: 59%
13-14: 72%
<12: 82%

Number of prior sexual partners (p.18):

0: 20%
1: 46%
2-4: 56-60%
5-15: ~70%
16+: ~80%

Race/Ethnicity (p. 16):

Asian: 31%
White: 46%
Hispanic: 47%
Black: 63%

There’s plenty more statistics in Free Northerner’s post. It all boils down to the idea that conservative women are less likely to end up divorced than liberals. He does some nice work to help men from losing that loving feeling:

26 thoughts on “For Men Who Want to Stay Married: Blogger Free Northerner Computes Factors Contributing to Divorce

  1. LOL bullshit
    Consertive/ religious/ traditional women break up families all the time, nor do they actively work to repeal the various laws that allow women to pull the trigger on marriages and families because they don’t want to give up their power over men

    Women, like hounds are at your feet or at your throat. Use to be the State and church helped keep them leashed. Now they help women go for the jugular.

    • Free Northerner said he couldn’t cut his risk to zero, but he felt he could get it down to 10 percent, which he considered manageable.

      The New World Order has unleashed women to break up families for self-actualization. Men, meanwhile, have to work their asses off to keep paying for the party they are not invited to.

      • Marriage is a dead end trap.

        A man with decent frame can high kids etc with out a woman and the state holding a gun to his head

    • Tatted up chicks? 100 percent probability of divorce. I turned down some hot much younger tatted up sluts about 20 years ago. In my experience all of them use drugs and are very unreliable.

      • Paladin-

        Your statement shows an error in your logic….being YOUNG does not equate with HOTNESS. I can with all honesty say that I in my mid 40s is hotter than most younger women. Really.

        Cajun Creole is right in pointing out that you tend to be rigid and black and white your thinking. This rigidity and facism in the West with regards to its perception of women is what has caused most of the problems in the first place….now they are rebelling. Being rigid and repressive will just bring more problems. Repression leads to resistance. Always.

        Free your mind from rigidity.

      • I do not read Stormer. I used to rip on it on our blog.

        I am not opposed to LOVE. Our culture is Anti LOVE.

      • “Hotness” is not the major issues here though, that is true. I had been with women in their 40s & 50s many times and the last one was rather hot by any standard indeed, and had a body tighter than most young women. But they are not really going to be remarried and have families again, if they ever did, so they are not the point. Also, they tend not to have tattoos.

  2. Here are couple more which increases the chances of divorce, though only slightly.
    If the woman is or was a nurse.
    If the man does the cooking. (This one is more proof that no good deed goes unpunished).
    Speaking from my own experience and some couples that I know, certain activities like dancing (where only one partner attends) and some very physical sports like squash can lead to affairs and or marriage break ups.
    Some work places have a Peyton Place type of effect, there men and women have a lot of contact with the opposite sex. E.g. hospital work (doctors and nurses), teaching such as schools and Universities. Some people probably attend courses to meet up with the opposite sex even if they are married.
    Cults are another good way to wreck a marriage. I am still waiting for a cult article on this site.

  3. Want to bring your chances for divorce down to 0%, do not get legally married in the first place. Avoid the “institution” altogether. Find someone who you want to have kids with and go from there.

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