Elderly Jews Make Anti-Trump Commericial

Funny, but why do Jews hate Trump so much?

From the youtube information box:

Published on Sep 22, 2016

Bend the Arc Jewish Action enlisted some powerful allies in the effort to defeat Donald Trump: grandparents.

See what they have to say and then make a difference in this critical election by signing up at http://www.weveseenthisbefore.org/gotv

For more information about “We’ve Seen This Before,” Bend the Arc Jewish Action’s national campaign that is mobilizing tens of thousands of American Jews against Trump’s platform of bigotry and hatred, visit http://www.weveseenthisbefore.org.

Starring Henry Kaminer, Thelma Markowitz, Mike Stein, Judy Kuttler, Estelle Cohen, Naomi Jacoby Cohn, Mona Scheraga, Naomi Levine & Annette Ullman

One thought on “Elderly Jews Make Anti-Trump Commericial

  1. Why funny? I could only watch half of these bumhole Kosher shits.
    “Trump is more than a Putz”.
    Hopefully most non Jews do not even know what a Putz is.
    Jews did very well out of Hitler, why are they so upset with the man?

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