African-American Sheriff David A. Clarke’s Tweets and Retweets Re Trump P*ssygate Psyop

The war for our continued existence is being fought in the trenches at Twitter, blogs, forums, and comment sections of mainstream websites. Sheriff Clarke’s Twitter page shows us how to fight.

10 thoughts on “African-American Sheriff David A. Clarke’s Tweets and Retweets Re Trump P*ssygate Psyop

  1. It is nice to have a refreshing type of change from the style of jewish trash below, which has become the (((MSM’s))) standard menu:

    “The Ben and Jerry ice cream kikes are openly endorsing Black Lives Matter terrorism. Hopefully we will see a widespread boycott of these Jewish terrorist sympathizers as a result of this. Their ice cream is overpriced crap any way.”

  2. ” Bill Clinton was asked why he took advantage of young intern Monica Lewinski in the Oval Office”
    Not quite true. That Jew slut targeted him and it shows in footage and photos taken before he rammed a cigar up her.
    Maybe she was in a psy op from the start. Starr the prosecutor was also a Jew.
    Maybe a warning shot across the bows to the Clintons. Stay in line with Judah, or else.

    • My mother saw the picture of Monica smiling at Bill and said that she went after him and that no man could resist that type of flirting. My parents were Clinton supporters. They thought Bill was just a good old country boy. My parents were country folk.

      • That whole thing was bullshyte anyhow, but really dude?

        Men of REAL strength can resist or do not tap every piece of beav thrown at their feet. I get that some dudes on this board are all about thinking that pussy is pussy is pussy and that it is “all pink on the inside”. The truth is Slick Willy tapped everything in sight and he did not discriminate. He liked ‘da wimenz. Maybe he had already tapped that poon and she was smiling at him because they had already “known” each other in the Biblical sense.

        She was not flirting because she did not have too. They had already banged.


  3. Lol!!! Donald Trump is a “scatter-sexual”. His sexuality is scattered all over the place. He calls his daughter “a piece of ass” and wants to bang every so called good looking blonde white woman on the planet. Eventually the pendulum swings back and reciprocity comes calling and everyone’s bill comes due. He can go settle it up with God. I have seen people in my life that did me dirty that have settled their bill from the grave. Why is Sheriff Clarke championing for this man?!!’ Why are you so giddy about it when Sheriff Clarke is married to a white woman. Apparently some blacks get a pass with you white supremacists!!!!!!

      • You know what is the saddest part about reading this guy’s posts is that he is from Louisiana. Has he never danced to some zydeco? Has he never went listened to some brass band, has he never enjoyed the Neville Brothers or the Meters, has he never danced to a second line. If he was not over the top I might be upset but some people just give themselves away. He suffers from “arrested development” and sees things strictly as being black and white when he is from Louisiana and most of our amalgamated history has existed between the gray lines.

    • And Black women who show their stuff in Playboy and spout support for Massa T get a pass while a white woman who shows any signs of sexual prowess or desire is !gasp! a hoe.

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