Utah’s Governor Pulls Support for Trump After Lewd Talk Scandal Breaks

trump girl cleavage

Donald Trump shows a sexual interest in women using the word (gasp!) p*ssy and all Hell breaks lose. Hillary enables the mass rape of various women over decades and she’s the champion of women.

Someone should ask Hillary if she’s ever heard Bill use the word p*ssy. Obviously, he has and just as obviously she would dodge the question or lie and say, “No, Bill doesn’t use that kind of language.”

The dishonest, holier-than-thou responses of the politicians disgusts me. The governor of Utah would turn the country over to Hillary to be destroyed because Trump is a lusty man.


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Latest on the U.S. presidential race (all times EDT):

10:20 p.m.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert is withdrawing his support for Donald Trump.

The Republican governor tweeted Friday night that that Trump’s statements “are beyond offense and despicable.”

Herbert says, “While I cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, I will not vote for Trump.”

Herbert was an early Trump critic, but announced he would vote for him in August. He is among the first Republican officials in office to formally withdraw support for the Republican presidential nominee following the release of a tape that captured Trump making lewd comments about women.

And there’s this:

7:30 p.m.

Republican Party Chairman Reince Priebus is condemning crude comments made by GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, saying in a statement that “No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever.”

Priebus has been a champion of the billionaire businessman’s campaign since he won the party’s nomination.

But he was among the first Republicans to criticize the latest revelations of Trump’s comments about women.

In a 2005 recording published Friday by The Washington Post and NBC News, Trump bragged about trying to have sex with a married woman and made a series of profane, sexually charged comments.

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31 thoughts on “Utah’s Governor Pulls Support for Trump After Lewd Talk Scandal Breaks

  1. “In a 2005 recording” Was this recording made legally?

    ““No woman should ever be described in these terms or talked about in this manner. Ever.””
    I have not heard the tape or read a transcript. However, any man that has never talked about women like this in his entire life including adolescence either:
    A) Has no friends
    B) Is a monk in a silent order
    C) Is a raging Queer, Transvestite or other sexual pervert
    D) Is unable to speak, i.e. dumb

  2. This is no more than a vendetta and mob mentality. It was 11 years ago! Billy Bob Clinton has done far worse. Altoid comments re: ML “trump” DT’s tic tac comments. I’ll raise you 100…😜😝😎

  3. He may win votes.
    All pussies (as in wimps) will vote for Hillary anyway. All real women and all real men will vote for Trump.

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  5. Actually Bill Clinton did use the word p*ssy

    Bill told one of the women he was cheating on Hillary with

    I think it may have been Gennifer Flowers

    That Hillary did more p*ssy than him!

  6. Pussy is a girly word. A real man (billionaire) would say “Because I am famous I can grab women by the cunt”. Unfortunately, this type of unauthorised groping sounds a lot like a young Muzzie man nowadays, but not in 2005.

    A pussy says “Rest Room”. A real man says “toilet”, or better yet, “shithouse”. Naturally coarse language is never used in front of the gentler sex, the ladies, who only ever “powder their nose”. Actually, as someone posted above, some women nowadays use language to make a wharf laborer blush, often even when in mixed company.

  7. They aren’t pissed because he said pussy

    They are pissed because he is correct about women loving such overt displays of sexual aggression from high value men.

    Pussies and women both hate it when you demonstrate how secretively feral most women are. After all there is a reason 50 shades of grey sold so many copies and it ain’t because women and sugar, spice and everything nice

      • Actually, probably not. Any group will try to exercise power over other groups. Historically, women exercised power over men by having their children. The state has now upset the traditional balance of power in favor of women and against men. Everything is a power struggle. More so today than in the past because of the traitors in our government who hate white males. That includes self-loathing white males.

      • Somewhat disagree.

        We know when White men have power of their women and children, families and nations thrive. Men marry early, women have large number of offspring, they work like rented mules to fund hearth and home, families stay intact etc etc

        Now we can compare the patriarchal West to the feminist West and see how White men typical take care of those entrusted to them vs how women behave when they have the legal power

        It really isn’t about how all people act when they have power over others. It’s about how debased women are when social, legal, masculine and religious restraints are removed and how they use the power given to them to abuse men, children and even themselves.

        If any version of White Nationalism is to succed and if the White race is to survive let alone remain on top, the 1st mission is to reassert authority of White women.

        Can’t even call them our women these days

    • Money is power & power/fame is power. Look at Henry Kissinger, a German jew. More powerful then presidents and can have any bitch he wants, even to this day. And he’s jew fuck butt ugly, too.

  8. I am not sure you can separate, pussy, money and power.

    I have not yet meet the man who was good at smashing ass who didn’t have a large degree of soical power. Even if they were rather low down on the totem pole they still had a degree of influence larger then their station in life

    Money is a tool, power/ charm, force persuasion etc gets you money; women love power, money is a sign of power, and easy recognizable form of power… like tattoos and big arms or sexual aggression and dominance

    Kind of mashed up there. Been drinking a lot of wine and a little moonshine as we watch the storm but I think y’all get my point

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