South African Black Student Protesters Call for Murder of Whites

Feesmustfall-students south africa

Blacks will protest anything that strikes them on a whim. I suspect that South African blacks are even more protest-prone than American blacks. They all have seemed to learn that the white man gives in to them when they hit the streets. Not the regular Joe white guy, but the cucked leftard white guys who keep being elected to political office.

The South African blacks are this go round protesting because they want free college. This has led to some threatening developments for white South Africans, who make up 8 percent of the population.

A video of #FeesMustFall protesters reportedly disrupting a UCT commerce lecture shows a student warning her white counterparts that they will join the movement.

The protesting student states that white students must use their “privilege” and “stand in solidarity” with the #FeesMustFall movement.

She adds that the matter is not up for discussion, and that “we are instructing you”.

The student further states that black South Africans have no reason to live in peace with white South Africans.

The publication of the video comes soon after a WhatsApp voice note did the rounds at Wits, calling for a white student to be killed so the #FeesMustFall protests will be taken seriously.

The tyrannical streak in blacks is clearly revealed by the threats exposed here.

This is the future of the white remnant if the world is allowed to go black. Hopefully, an epidemic of some new disease will wipe out the African or else civilization will disappear forever.

The first comment on the source site that I saw today sums up the truth very succiently as it relates to South Africa.

Whites are the only reason why this country has a semblance of infrastructure and order. Once the last whites have left, this place will be a sh!t hole just like the rest of Africa. Be grateful that there are still some whites here as we are the only thing keeping this place afloat.

Why are all these Zimbabweans in SA? If Mugabe is such a great leader why don’t they live in their own country? The majority of blacks (there are a few exceptions) can’t rule, they can’t create – they can only destroy. Why are so many African’s fleeing their war torn regions trying to reside in Western Countries?

I’d be super embarrassed if I were black. Get off your “blame the white man” horse and take a long hard look at yourself. Blame the ANC government that you elected.

I upvoted this race realist (not racist) comment. If the white race went extinct tomorrow, ten thousand years from now, blacks would be living in trees and still blaming the white man for his problems.

Sigh. They are hopeless.

3 thoughts on “South African Black Student Protesters Call for Murder of Whites

  1. Niggers aren’t good enough to be worthless, they are a loss far past their numbers. Rancid in appearance and hygiene, stupid beyond any wild animal, and lazier than anyone besides a jew. Their purpose is debatable, but their intrinsic value at this point is purely negative. They are hopelessly outdated. These remnants of the Stone Age are as good as dead already. If these retards believe Whites hate them, its only because they’re too stupid to notice how reviled and despised they are by everyone else. They will become extinct now, have no doubt. These inferior creatures wouldn’t even be alive now if not for misguided White charity. We don’t have to exterminate them. Everyone else will do it, if we simply stand out of the way.

  2. Facts about murder in South Africa:
    •Incidents of murder increased from 16,259 murders in 2012/13 to 17,068 in 2013/14.
    •This means that there were 809 more people murdered than in the previous year.
    •This comes on the back of a similar increase in 2012/13 when 650 more murders were recorded compared to 2011/12.
    •The average number of murders committed each day increased from 45 in 2012/13 to 47 in 2013/14.
    •Using Statistics South Africa’s 2013 midyear estimates, the murder rate in 2013/14 was 32.2 per 100,000, up from 31.1 in 2012/13.
    •SA’s murder rate is about five times higher than the 2013 global average of 6 murders per 100,000.
    This, in a country with a similar sized population to the UK!

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