Inspiring Donald J. Trump Video Statement on Leaked Video 10/7/2016

Donald Trump shows a sexual interest in women and the world explodes in outrage, with many suggesting that he should drop out of the presidential race because he’s such a terrible human being.

The feminists are having a field day today with it. These irrelevant hags have been rejuvenated. They have an opportunity to express their outrage and get the attention they crave.

The basic feminist equation: Trump’s words = rape.

Yes indeed, I keep reading that Trump is a rapist now. These women really are sick in the head to equate sexual banter with a true rape involving pain and humiliation inflicted on a man or woman by a rapist. (Men get raped too.)

Right Side Broadcasting has performed another public service in getting Trump’s video statement out quickly. These guys cover his rallies. They also covered the Charlotte race riots.

The response in the youtube comments is very positive:

Nancy Jewell1 hour ago
after seeing this low down trick of the never trump crowd makes me want to vote for Trump even more !!!! every real man talks like that about women even women talk trash about men we are human hillary and her rapist husband have done far more disturbing things need i say benghazi?

ULTsubterfugee9 minutes ago (edited)
It isn’t like we didn’t know Trump was a cool guy, nor did he act like he was someone he was not and the very reason I’m voting for him compared to Hillary who is so fake.

YesYou12333349 minutes ago
Next, the media will report Donald Trump pulled a girls hair in kindergarten. The media is scared as hell of Mr. Trump and on Election Day I’m going to give the media the middle finger by voting for Mr. Trump.

TAR ICO3 minutes ago
If the survival of our species were dependent upon women chasing men, women always having to do the asking out, women always having to take the first steps, then women would talk just as dirty as Donald did (and probably still does). Also, I’ve heard from many women that women already do talk as dirty as men do if not dirtier!!!

Jesus, his mom, and his mom’s cuckolded beta male! It’s like these people aren’t gonna be happy unless ever’body is just as gay as they are!!111!!11 A complaint against Donald’s version of heterosexuality is a complaint against heterosexuality itself.

Listening to MSNBC saying bs that the GOP is gonna rebel and take trump off the ballot and his campaign is done. This whole thing was a scheme by the liberal media.

Neil8 minutes ago
Liberal Logic: ILLEGAL immigrants don’t pay taxes. Who cares? Open the borders, Don’t be racist. Trump LEGALLY avoids paying Tax, He’s the Devil. Bill Clinton has sex with an intern as the President and lies about it, plus RAPES numerous other women. It’s Cool. Trump TALKS about liking Women and how easy it is to get them as a celebrity. He’s the Devil.

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Donald J. Trump Video Statement on Leaked Video 10/7/2016

  1. Word on Twitter is Rob (((Silverstein) executive producer of “Access Hollywood” leaked the tape. As if we wouldn’t know a (((tribal))) member was involved!!

  2. Trump now has to open the cannon fire on Hillary from all calibers he might have. He can start with Bill and his (mmmmm…) tasting of cigar, straight out of Monica’s vagina, and his LYING about that. After he finishes with slick Willie I have no doubts there are tons of usable material on “faultless” Hillary. If his team haven’t prepared all these stuff in advance, than there are two sleepless nights affront for them. So…GO and DO IT!

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