THE BLACK ATTACK: Negro Robbers Shoot White Man on Porch Returning Home with Groceries

Googles have been pulling this crap for decades now. One of my professors was robbed in his front yard by armed Googles who terrorized him, his wife, and mother-in-law. This was in the 70s in uptown New Orleans.

It’s time we pulled out a few guns and start teaching these vermin a lesson.

Daily Mail

Footage has emerged of the moment an Indiana man was robbed and shot on his front stoop by two men with guns as he returned home with groceries.

The incident occurred on September 26 just after 6am in Marion. Police say the suspects attempted to rob a resident as he approached his home, ambushing him.

Surveillance footage from out the front of the home shows a man dressed all in black and wearing a hoodie first approach the man with a shotgun.

The man put up a fight, dropping his groceries, grabbing the shotgun and wrestling the first man.

That’s when the second man comes into view. That man was wearing black pants, a gray t-shirt and a black mask on his face. He was carrying a pistol.

Police said the victim was shot at five times. However he was only hit once, taking a bullet to the arm.

He was taken to the hospital but has since been released. The man, who did not want to be identified, told Fox 59 he has not been home since the incident, fearing for his safety.

The victim is lucky to be alive.

4 thoughts on “THE BLACK ATTACK: Negro Robbers Shoot White Man on Porch Returning Home with Groceries

  1. Black on white crime isn’t racist or anything, but stereotyping black people because stuff like this happens too often is…

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