Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets


People adjust their behavior depending on their perception of danger. Obviously, fear will drive Germans to stay home rather than celebrate Oktoberfest now that millions of devouring insects have been unleashed upon them by their traitorous leader (((Angela Merkel.)))


The world’s biggest beer festival has recorded its lowest turnout for 15 years amid heightened security fears, while at the same time experiencing an increase in reported sex crimes.


The Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany had around 5.6 million visitors this year, down 300,000 since last year and the lowest number since just after the September 11th 2001 terror attacks, according to FAZ.

The drop in the number of attendees follows a series of attacks in the German state of Bavaria.

In July, German-Iranian student David Ali Sonboly went on a shooting spree in Munich, killing nine people at a shopping centre before turning the gun on himself.

In the same week, an Afghan migrant attacked a train in Würzburg with an axe, injuring at least four people, and a failed asylum seeker blew himself up at a bar in the town of Ansbach, injuring 12 people and killing himself.

However, despite an overall fall in crime at the festival, the number of reported sex crimes increased this year from 21 to 31.

The group “Safer Wiesn for Girls and Woman” also said 215 women came to security checkpoints for help this year compared to 197 last year, of whom 18 reported suffering violence.

A number of large-scale public events have reported an increase in sexual assaults since the massive influx of migrants began entering Europe last year.

The most notorious example was the New Year’s Eve attacks in the German city of Cologne, in which gangs of mainly North African migrants committed mass sexual assaults against women revellers.

Police received over 1,500 complaints of sexual assault, mugging, pickpocketing and even rape, although it took the local government six months to admit the majority of perpetrators were recently arrived migrants.

Figures showed that 70 per cent of the suspects had been in Germany for less than a year, despite repeated denial by authorities.

If you can’t trust your local police, who can you trust?


Basically, we in the West are on our own. Our governments have gone insane with political correctness and so lie to us about migrant crime. If we complain about it, then we are racists.


3 thoughts on “Sex Crimes Soar as Oktoberfest Attendance Plummets

  1. Nice jugs in the photos. Or should I say Steins or glasses.
    In theory any devout Muslims should not attend any Oktoberfest event which is all about celebrating beer, not groping women.
    Angela Merkelmann forgot that bringing in these locusts will destroy the German beer industry, wine industry, tourist industry and even the car industry. Imagine what will happen when several million camel fuckers start driving cars on German Autobahns. That will be the end of the no speed limit rule. Thus, no need any more for very fast street legal cars because most countries do not let motorists drive over a soft cock 100 kph, or 60 mph.
    Germany is in for a miserable future with all these brown and black scum on board the sinking ship.

    • Boerne, Texas, is just north of Mexicanized San Antonio. Germans settled the place. It’s about ready to have its annual Oktoberfest that follows the tradition of the German one. San Antonio only has Mexican festivals, by contrast.

      You and I can both see the dominoes toppling with the insect invasion. Merkel is one of those smart people with zero vision (or is she?). We had a number of administrators at the university who had zero ability to see the side effects of their policies.

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