Planted “Kill all Jews” Image Used by Zionists to Drive 9/11 Truth Professor from Academia



Henry Makow has exposed a disgusting effort by a lunatic leftist Jew and his co-conspirators to discredit and have fired a truth telling Canadian professor.

Henry Makow writes:

Let’s rally to the defence of
University of Lethbridge professor, Anthony Hall.

He was set up by Jewish activists who planted an inflammatory image
on his FB wall. He has been suspended without pay, and
the university has asked for his resignation.

Kevin Barrett has penned a letter to the university president
which can form the basis of our own emails.

Organized Jewry represses free speech under the pretext of “hate”, when their hidden agenda actually is based on the hatred and enslavement of the goyim.

Kevin Barrett’s letter to the university:

by Kevin Barrett

One of the contributors to my book, ANOTHER French False Flag? Professor Anthony Hall of the University of Lethbridge, has just been suspended without pay. The pretext was a horrific image planted on his Facebook page, which was used to launch an inquisition targeting his work on False Flag Weekly News.

Professor Hall says:

“Write to my university. The president is cc me at Let others know…Tell them administration of University of Lethbridge is under B’Nai Brith control and by attacking me is attacking academic freedom and the atmosphere for civil discourse on campus, not only at my school but at all Canadian post-secondary institutions. Invite me to come and speak. This is the fight of my life and the stakes are very high. Give me suggestions on how to organize and respond. -Tony Hall”

Below is my letter in support of Tony Hall, sent to and copied to:

Dr. Mike Mahon
President, University of Lethbridge

Dear Dr. Mahon,

I’m writing in response to the ongoing orchestrated attack on Professor Anthony Hall. The smear campaign against Professor Hall is an attack on the entire academy. Its purpose is to terrorize academicians into remaining silent on controversial issues. If successful, the media lynching of Professor Hall would grossly undermine academic freedom, especially the institution of tenure.

The lynchpin (no pun intended) of the anti-Hall campaign is a horrific image that was planted on Professor Hall’s Facebook page – unbeknownst to Professor Hall, who had absolutely nothing to do with that image. The grossly offensive image, which features a Jewish man being strangled alongside ultra-inflammatory text calling for the killing of “all Jews,” was in fact created by an allegedly self-employed propagandist named Joshua Goldberg, who was later arrested for his efforts to create incidents of so-called “Islamic terrorism.”

Obviously Joshua Goldberg created his horrific “kill all Jews” image not because he himself is anti-Jewish, but rather as a way to manufacture false evidence of “anti-Semitism” that could later be used against people like Professor Hall. Goldberg appears to have created this awful image precisely to fit the definition of hate speech. It is a weaponized image. The weapon was used against Anthony Hall in precisely in the way its creator intended.

When planted evidence is used against a victim, it is the criminals who manufactured and planted the evidence, not the victim, who are at fault. Joshua Goldberg, B’nai Brith, and the individual or entity who planted this hate speech on Professor Hall’s Facebook page all ought to be investigated for their respective roles in this orchestrated smear campaign against Professor Hall.

The institution of tenure exists for one reason and one reason only: To ensure that even the most controversial avenues of research and interpretation are fully protected in our academy. Professor Hall is using his tenure properly. Are you? Is anyone else at the University of Lethbridge? If not, why not? How can you, or any other professor, justify holding tenure if you are not, in fact, making every possible effort to challenge the most sacrosanct public myths, and to pursue the most controversial avenues of research and interpretation?


Dr. Kevin Barrett

(608) 583-2132
Skype: DrKevinBarrett

The embedded video offers a look at Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. Tony Hall discussing the 9/11 tragedy. This video is the latest edition of No Lies Radio available, from 9/30/2016. I didn’t listen to the whole thing, but these guys are very savvy about 9/11. Early on in the video they name the CIA/Israeli connection in perpetrating the mass murder, along with Benjamin Netanyahu.

Since we don’t get much Canadian news from the American press, we in America owe a debt of gratitude to Henry for bringing this egregious case to our attention. It’s just more proof that there is a worldwide conspiracy to silence truth seekers who go where the evidence leads them about 9/11 and a host of other crimes perpetrated by the New World Order.

4 thoughts on “Planted “Kill all Jews” Image Used by Zionists to Drive 9/11 Truth Professor from Academia

  1. Joshua Goldberg, hideous recluse, check his image out. He looks like a lot of other ugly revolutionary Jews like Emma Goldman.
    How come even a recluse dances to the same tune as Supremacist Jews? Those that don;t dace to the same tune, like Henry Makow must be about 1 in 100,000 or even 1 in 1 million. Jews are by far the most loyal to their own tribe of any group on the planet, except perhaps those tiny tribes still living in jungles and hunting heads.

    How come University academic heads are about the least intelligent people outside of Abos or African pygmies? How come they never analyse the evidence before making knee jerk decisions? If any of these idiots was a judge, any trial would be over in the first 60 seconds. Guilty! They would shout, unless the criminal is a reclusive creepy Jew living in his parents basement, or a Nigger or a SJW or an LBGT. Then, Not Guilty in the first ten seconds.

  2. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Lefties always accuse others of shit while they do a lot worse.

    Anyway i hope he’ll find a better job soon.

    And about 9/11, all you have to read about is building 7. I honestly think this is what red pilled me so to speak, searching about it and then reading more and more about the so called “conspiracies” that turned out to be true or at least, the way the media tells the stories was way too convenient for their agenda.

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