Optical Illusion Confuses Thousands: What Does the Red Circle Mean?


Daily Mail

A photo of a bed with a part of the duvet circled in red has been confusing the Internet – with many not realising that the picture is really an optical illusion.

Within the red ring there’s a section of a white duvet covered in a black floral pattern, as well as part of the carpet.

However, people who have spotted the image – which has been shared on Reddit – are struggling to work out what the circle signifies.

Can you figure out what’s going on in the picture above? Look at it closely and see if you can tell.

Don’t peek at the answer below. Just look at the picture and see if you understand the optical illusion.

Give up?

Here’s the answer.

The red circle is actually a red hula hoop propped up against the bed. It only looks like a circle put into the picture to signify or point out something. You can see the shadow of the hula hoop on the floor if you look for it.

9 thoughts on “Optical Illusion Confuses Thousands: What Does the Red Circle Mean?

  1. At first I thought “It means that someone found an old hula-hoop in the back of the closet” but it must be something else. So I scrolled down..

  2. I thought it was a hula hoop and there was nothing in the circle and surely this is just click bait.

    I’m a genius, so believe me when I say “diversity” is just a code word for white genocide.

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