Obama’s America: White Cop Gunned Down by Drug-Dealing “Teen” Dies

blake snyder

A teen identified as white has shot and killed a Missouri peace officer.

My money is on the killer, who is himself in critical condition in the hospital, being named Jose or Jesus or something similar. One of Obama’s dreamers is likely going to be named the culprit.

Which brings to mind the question: How are Mexican teens going to get the tens of thousands of dollars they need to buy their lowriders and other status symbols?

Mexicans may sometimes have strong backs, but they almost always have weak minds. Meaning, yes, many of them are stupid. The average IQ of the Mexican is around 87. And Mexico isn’t sending America her brightest.

Daily Mail

A Missouri police officer was shot and killed by an 18-year-old suspect during an early morning shootout in a small middle-class community on Thursday.

Blake Snyder, 33, has been identified as the slain St Louis County police officer. He leaves behind a wife and a two-year-old son.

Snyder was shot by the suspect, a white male, ‘almost immediately’ after he arrived on the scene with another officer at 5am.

Snyder was struck point-blank and the wound was immediately fatal, Chief Jon Belmar told KSDK.

The second officer returned fire and injured the teen, who is currently in critical condition. His name has not yet been released.

Authorities said Snyder and the second officer were responding to a disturbance call in Green Park when he was shot.

The suspect is connected to a felony narcotics case that Sydney was involved with, Belmar told CBS St Louis.

Snyder, who Belmar said was a ‘great guy’ and a dedicated cop, had worked at the St Louis County Police Department for four years.
He is the first officer at the department to be killed in the line of duty in 16 years.

Authorities were still at the scene of the shooting before noon on Thursday, with evidence markers covering the ground.

Belmar said there were no dash cams or body cameras in use at the time of the shooting.

mexican lawrider

Officer Snyder left behind a wife and young child.

Even if we suppose that the teen shooter is an all-American white boy, it’s the flood of drugs coming across the border that has turned many white communities into shooting galleries. Trump’s wall is the only way to stem the tide of drugs and criminality that is currently washing over us.

Of course, to say that is racist, as the Hildabeast so often reminds us.

that's racist mexican style gif

3 thoughts on “Obama’s America: White Cop Gunned Down by Drug-Dealing “Teen” Dies

  1. What. a tragic story! I cannot imagine the pain his wife, family and fellow LEO’s are experiencing. I went to one LEO’s funeral and it was heartbreaking

  2. Here is a story and photo on the perp. He probably was a Soros indoctrinated druggie who hung around with nigs and acted like a wigger.

    Trenton Forster talked about disgust for police on social media
    You have the usual scenario down for that area, Saboteur. Here is another officer who was ambushed and shot back in July, and below that is the link to a story and photo on the ambushing mexican-nigger murderer, Antonio Taylor.

    Ballwin officer identity released after ‘ambush’ shooting on Friday

    Suspect in Ballwin police officer shooting has long criminal history

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