Mudshark Dating Site: White Women Say NO To White Men

Yes, sorry to have to state reality, but there are white women who want only the black male as a romantic interest. That screen capture above is from

Let’s take a look at a few of the so-called ladies who are looking for a chocolate daddy.

If you aint black I wont write back 🙂

Hey I’m Suz. I’m 25 and I live in Morehead. I’m a pretty simple person, very laid back and open minded. I am very easy to get a long with. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I wear my heart o
Morehead Kentucky SuzJames08 26 Woman Seeking Men

eyewash gif

Let’s check out another winner.

This one looks good, but is crazy as a loon. She’ll end up missing a few teeth, with blurred vision and mild brain damage from drink, drugs, or a series of beatings from those “dirty dirty” niggas she likes.

black guys only

I hate being called ma. I hate annoying niggas. I hate niggas from up north… I like dem good ol hood niggas from the dirty dirty south who got a county ass swag…. I hate annoying white men….. I
jacksonvile Florida taraRooo 23 Woman Seeking Men

But wait, we’re not done.

Where’s dat nigga that done put dat wattamelon in her belly?

Haha. Single mom and another one on the way.

Go after what you want and dont give up

My name is Kayla. 8 months pregnant .Single mom. I mostly work and stay at home on free time. I love animals. Love music .Want something real not fake. Want some
Auburndale Florida babyKaay24 20 Woman Seeking Men

There’s more of these parasite race traitors at the link, but not really that many of them when you consider the steady drumbeat from schools, universities, TV, music, Hollywood, and churches: “Fuck a nigga and be happy.”

Just for kicks, let’s look at one more.

This one would have better luck finding a pink unicorn that finding what she says she wants. I think she just wants BBC. Muh niggas be sayin’ I tap dat azz.


Hey guys im here looking for a single down to earth gentleman. The one that knows respect and kindness. Im short thick but fit. I have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Im so sick of the games and b.s.
Warner robins Georgia nreneeh1991 25 Woman Seeking Men

Check em all out. There’s three pages with about 20 or 30 winners listed.

17 thoughts on “Mudshark Dating Site: White Women Say NO To White Men

  1. How about this – Do White Girls Like Black Guys? (GONE HORNY)

    Crazy mudsharking cunts should be sent together with their Niggers in a country run by Negros, somewhere in Africa and will see how long would “Jungle Fever” last.

    • I hope the girls are just joking. If it is mores serious it shows that female adapt to whoever the most powerful males are, as all species do. A gorilla female cannot say to the new gorilla “your cock is smaller than my last gorilla”. I would bet that mudsharks never dare to say this to Coons either and for the same reason, a slap over the head if they are lucky.

      In France, Ukraine, Russia etc women got boyfriends in the German army in WWII. Then when the Germans were defeated, GIs and other occupiers occupied more than just the German territory. They also shagged the beautiful young ones often just for a chocolate bar or a cigarette. It is natural for women to submit to victors and shun the defeated males. This system is actually pretty unfair, although natural. E.g. a GI in Berlin may have been some coward who had never fired a gun. Many or most of the defeated Germans were heroes who had seen non stop action for up to six years. At first, most of the German veterans were locked up, but this shagging of foreign men continued afterwards. Money talks and bullshit walks.

    • fom the lewgc link i copied this comment…not mine……on YouTube……
      “Spudskie4 months ago
      White women dating black men is called mud sharking. Usually they date black men for the following reasons:

      1. Low self-esteem, which leads to reason #2…
      2. An attention getter since all women are narcissistic.
      3. They are giving the middle finger to their parents.
      4. They are curious to see if the big black cock truly exists.

      There is an unwritten rule that once a white woman dates a black man she is “off-limits” from other white men. Should that relationship end, no white man will want to date her. I know an attractive white woman who dated a black man. They had a child together. Eventually he dumped her and now she is raising the child alone. You know she will be looking to find a man to support her and her kid. I think it will be safe to assume the type of man she will be looking for will be white.

      Good luck trying to find a white guy that will want to support a black man’s child. Not going to happen.”

  2. The Reggin LOVES White pussy!
    He would rather starve then to stop “eating” White pussy!
    Only two animals give the greatest “head” – the Dog & the Reggin.
    Whereas the female needs a tub of fresh cream to get “head” from a Dog; the Reggin only needs the pussy! He will eat it all day long!
    The term MUTHERFUCKER is a Reggin one!
    0ver 70% of them are Bastards and they were reared with no MALE in the house, so INCEST is rampant in the Reggin community.
    The Reggin has a “Masters degree” in pussy eating!
    He has been doing it since he was a child!
    Now White bitches want some of that “good” Reggin pussy eating!
    The female of homo sapiens, is the ONLY female on the planet, who will have sex orally, vaginally and anally, at the same time, with males who have langers as big as cucumbers, and they’ll gag for more!
    The White female fantasy, is a Reggin with a langer as big as a cucumber!


    Verse 1:
    I’ve been watching your mama for a long time
    And that bitch is fine
    Every time I go to her house
    She kiss me on the cheek
    And fix me something to eat
    I know the bitch freaky, yo check it
    Cause every time I see her
    She walking around half-naked
    I’m checking out her underwear
    And when she sit down, I can see her pussy hair
    And my dick getting bigger by the minute
    I’m thinking about the pussy, wishing I was in it
    She want me to cut your grass
    But I’m thinking about cutting that ass
    And I believe I can get them draws
    365 cause she passed menopause
    I wanna dive in
    And bust a nut on them goddamn Depends
    Hope she’s like you
    Cause I’m a make her sing on the mike like Marilyn Macoo
    So before you go to sleep tonight
    You should know that I’m a be trying to fuck your mama

    Verse 2:
    Now you can get mad, ho
    But you the one had me taking her to play bingo
    Picking her up from church, taking her shopping
    I was with it but your daddy could’ve did it
    I’m making these confessions
    Cause she wearing them tight-ass dresses
    I wanna knock the boots and the socks
    Hit her with this big fat cock and let your daddy watch
    What a great adventure
    When I make her suck my dick and knock out them dentures
    Don’t look so astounded
    When I first met her, I told you she was well-rounded
    You should’ve known shit wasn’t right
    Cause she always taking my side when we fight
    And when I go over, she turn on the 8-track
    And me and her go way back
    Your old man ain’t hitting it right
    That bitch needs some young pipe
    And I’m the motherfucking plumber
    I wanna fuck your mama

    Verse 3:
    I wanna fuck your mama, girl
    And have that pussy dripping like a wet jheri curl
    When I hit it like a Green Bay Packer
    And make that pussy pop like a firecracker
    It’s hard to concede
    But why else would I be painting her house for free?
    It ain’t for my health
    Cause I can make her climb them walls
    And take all those Geritols
    Whenever I call for you
    She telling me all this shit she been through
    How she nearly had a heart attack eating chili
    And how your pops can’t operate his Mr. Willie
    She wasn’t saying that cause I’m her son-in-law
    She want me to stick this bone in her
    And you know I’m a do my duty
    I had a dream about busting a nut in her booty
    And rubbing my cum in her face
    And letting that freak have a goddamn taste
    I’m a tell you straight up cause I know you hate the drama
    I wanna fuck your mama

  3. What a disgrace to our race. Let the fat ones go and take their rotten dna with them, take the others and beat them silly in a reeducation camp for however long it takes to get the mudshark out of them. I’m sick over this, but none of it would even be happening if some people were keeping watch over the country while a certain group was buying up the entire media. No use crying over spilt milk white men. Take it back, take it all back, after all it IS yours. You built it

    • If telegony is correct, then the mudsharks have black DNA lodged in their brains, coming in via sperm injections and fluid components being absorbed into the bloodstream and traveling to the brain.

      It may not be possible to reeducate them. Better to prevent them from breeding and let them live out their sorry lives in work camps.

  4. Mudsharks are the worst form of race traitor. For reason you have mentioned over and over, even in this post I believe, Women carry the DNA of every man they have sex with with them forever. This means when they bottom feed they are literally tainted for life. At least the male can wash it off. Most of today’s feminist indoctrinated women can’t get over how unfair that natural double standard is but no matter how much they scream about it and deny it the fact still remains.

    Even a repentant Mudshark isn’t good for much after they have done the deed.

    • After she’s gone black, I don’t want her back.

      I generally hate these kindergarten type rhymes, but they do have their purpose. The ladies should have listened to this simple one: Avoid the groid.

  5. Stupid people but they are only modeling what was done by many white men. I see white men in pick up trucks in the city nearby picking up black prostitutes often. Interesting.

    This country was dumb to give black men the before white women, but karma is a bitch and she is biting your azzzzzz now. These women are just kowtowing to male power and patriarchy, something that was taught to them by the WHITE MAN.

    • Your argument is too much like the “legacy of slavery” excuse that blacks and liberals present to justify their behavior. In fact, it’s essentially the same argument. I’m hoping Bill Clinton’s black son is acknowledged by old Bill before he dies. That might stimulate a meaningful conversation on the restraints that white men and women should practice.

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