Brilliant Sabotage: Giant Putin Banner Hung from Manhattan Bridge

putin banner bridge

Sabotaging the System One Truth at a Time.

The guys (gals?) who hung this Putin banner that reads “Peacemaker” did the world a great service. It shows that not everyone is on board with Hillary Clinton’s bull that Putin is the new Hitler.

Having a big banner like that made will lead to the perps being caught. There’s only a limited number of places to have something like that made and there’s probably a record of who made it.

That’s OK. The perps can explain why they pulled their harmless little act of sabotage, which should get even more people thinking.

Of course, Hillary will say that Trump’s deplorables did it, which is probably true.

New York Post

A giant poster of Russian President Vladimir Putin was draped along the side of the Manhattan Bridge on Thursday afternoon.

The massive banner featured the Russian leader in a suit and tie against the backdrop of the country’s flag along with the word “peacemaker” emblazoned at the bottom.

At least two people unfurled the politically driven banner around 1:45 p.m., witnesses said.

“We were just at our desks, we have some large windows from our office and we just saw it going up,” Quinn Formel, 27, whose office building in Dumbo faces the Manhattan Bridge, told The Post.

“These two guys … they were struggling for a little bit, but eventually got it [the banner] up,” he said.

Formel added, “We realized it was Putin and it was the Russian flag and it said ‘peacemaker’ and then after that we were all confused about what this is supposed to be saying or expressing — it’s not very clear.”

Heath Raymond, who works in Dumbo, said, “I turned around. I was in my office and it was just hanging there.”

“Everybody thought it was interesting, but nobody really got it. Nobody understood the political message or whatever message was behind it,” said Raymond, an executive producer at a production studio.

People quickly took to social media and posted photos of the mysterious flag.

“2 dudes just hung a giant Vladimir Putin ‘Peacemaker’ flag of the manhattan bridge,” Twitter user @FAMOUSCLASS tweeted.

Kathryn Peters tweeted a photo of the flag with the caption, “The Manhattan bridge, right now. (Vladimir Putin, peacemaker???)”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This just dropped on the Manhattan Bridge. Living in some weird and scary times,” with a photo.

The NYPD received a 911 call about the approximately 20-by-30-foot banner hanging above Adams Street and John Street in Brooklyn around 2:30 p.m., a police spokesman said.

Responding police officers removed the flag around 2:55 p.m.

7 thoughts on “Brilliant Sabotage: Giant Putin Banner Hung from Manhattan Bridge

  1. It’s a hell of a world when my friends and I look upon the Russian leader as better than our own government and that lying muslim faggot in the white house. I find myself rooting for the Russians more and more every day.

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