Bootlip Nagger Laughingly Tapes White Heroin Overdose Victims Lying on Sidewalk

courtland garner


Courtland Garner offers a comedy routine while shooting video of a white couple passed out on a Memphis, Tennessee sidewalk from a heroin overdose.

Watch and listen to the embedded video below the story. It’s a reminder: They are not like us.


A live Facebook video showing two people unconscious on a Memphis sidewalk is going viral.

Police said the married couple snorted heroin in a Walgreens store.

According to the CBS affiliate in Memphis, the man said he took video because someone had already called 911.

“What they were doing was children things. It was a spectacle. It made me laugh. They can help themselves,” said Courtland Garner. A woman who works with people on recovering from drug addiction told the CBS station that the incident is devastating.

“People tend to think people have done this to themselves, but they haven’t,” Karen Morgan with Turning Point Recovery said. “Their brains have been changed by the use of the chemicals.”

Both people were taken to a hospital in non-critical condition. The woman was taken into custody at the hospital on outstanding warrants.

22 thoughts on “Bootlip Nagger Laughingly Tapes White Heroin Overdose Victims Lying on Sidewalk

  1. And Iron Rod Duterte destroys the distributors of this filth. No distributors, no chemical alteration of the brain. It’s that simple.

      • Indeed, when people enrich themselves on substances that chemically alter the brain, the need the Iron Rod.

      • Partly right scoutingtheend though you are not allowed to call other posters here “faggots”.
        Methadone was used to kill pain for the wounded, not to fight the enemy, how could an army on methadone attack anybody? “brought to market in 1943 and was widely used by the German army during WWII.”
        Methamphetamines were also widely used but usually in an extended attack phase such as the assault on France in 1940. I am against this morally but the Germans won. Drug cheats often win as Lance Armstrong proved. “All’s fair in love and war, and sport”.
        Yes Hitler was a junkie of stimulants and a sleeping tablet abuser but mostly due to his Dr Morell “vitamin” injections. I wonder which side Morell was on? He looks like a Jew. “His family was reportedly partly Jewish.”

  2. The things you post don’t even upset me, because I think you suffer from “arrested development”. You still see things like a child in strict terms of black and white. The most painful thing is that you are from Louisiana and we have a very unique and amalgamated cultural heritage here in Louisiana which you despise and have totally rejected. You do know that one in every eight so called white person has negro ancestry that can be traced back to the past eleven generations?!!!! I am free to go see Cajun Blues musician Tab Benoit any time I want but you despise that and who do you think he learned his skills from?!!! The best black guitar players around is the answer to that question!!!! I love all genres of Louisisana music from Zachary Richard to Waylon Thibodeaux to zydeco to jazz to blues to brass band music to New Orleans funk, to R & B, to gospel to second lines. We have enough problems in Louisiana with corrupt politicians selling us out and parochial politics to constantly be dealing with this crap. Have at it buddy!!!! I am celebrating, participating and enjoying my unique and AMALGSMATED Louisiana cultural heritage!!!!!! I will continue to “pass a good time”!!!!!!

  3. Too bad your word press does not allow for and edit feature because I spelled AMALGAMATED incorrectly and I also wanted to clarify that one in every eight so called white prior in the state of Louisiana has negro ancestry that can be traced back to the past 11 generations. I guess that is the monkey in me that has always made for me a bad typist, especially on this damn iPhone. I used to have to stay after school to catch up with typing assignments and since the bus had already left, I had to walk home. It must be my lack of ooposable thumbs!!!!!

  4. Gonna fry some oysters with a stuffed crawfish baked potato and guacamole for me and my 11year old chiweenie and put on some Louisiana music and be happy. I love fiddles and I deserve to celebrate my Louisiana cultural heritage. Of course I will listen to Cajun Blues musician Tab Benoit.

  5. No sympathy here whatsoever and the Coon is right to laugh at white people doing this to themselves. Have they no pride? That is what I hate about drug addicts, the stupid shits are too undisciplined and childish to take their hits home and take the stuff there, then lie down in their nice cosy bed in comfort and safety. Instead hit up on the street and collapse on the pavement, get beaten and robbed. Worse, ambos will inject you with drugs which cancel that expensive hit. A lot of junkies get up swinging with rage when this happens, $50 wasted.
    Heroin addicts are the biggest fuckwits except for those addicted to synthetic dangerous chemicals.

    ““People tend to think people have done this to themselves, but they haven’t,” Karen Morgan with Turning Point Recovery said. ” Wrong Karen, they are doing this to themselves. They want to he happy as the Jew media promotes, everybody must be happy or else they must take psychiatric medication to become happy. Disneyland, princesses and unicorns everywhere. So heroin addicts obediently follow the Jew script and make the Jew drug barons rich. Addicts so called “friends” get them on the stuff. Just as most smokers start that filth through their so called “friends”.

    So druggies and alkies sleeping in the streets, I despise them; go home and sleep at home, you self pitying turds. In a welfare State country like Australia nobody has to live on the streets except the mentally ill who have no idea how to claim the money. Govt handouts are enough to rent a boarding house room even in Sydney, a very expensive city. Only fucking idiots sleep rough on concrete while drunk or stoned. Those welfare scroungers in tents are more crafty though, comfortable, no rent, and they have a lot of money to spend on booze or drugs or gambling than those that pay rent.

  6. Heroin is the a big part of the genocide against Europeans. And actually, it is not the heroin, but the stuff it is cut with, that being fentanyl. It is no accident that this drug as a pain pill for working white injuries was slipped into the oatmeal so to speak by first being introduced by doctors who have their hands tied by Big Pharma and the Legal Cystem (cyst…yes,…a cancer) already in the mid 90’s. Most of you keyboard warriors have probably never done Blue Collar work so you all have never hurt your backs, etc.but many working whites did but now that they want to collect disability and/or pensions, off with their heads! Kill them before they collect! How dare a working white collect $ while not sucking the Big Capitalist Dick!

    Yep, that black man is an asshole. But hey nog, look at the crack hoez and crack babies and the like in your commmuuuuuuunity.

    Pray for these people. YOU are next.

  7. This video shows why ‘da Black Commuuuuuunity” is falling apart…..THE NOGS LACK EMPATHY. Their own leaders sell their people out. Their men pimp their women and children. They shoot and kill in their own “fambly homes”. This is not civilized and this is why everything they touch turns to shyte.


    Are WE going to turn into THEM?

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