Alex Jones Goes Full Putin, Ridiculed by Leftards

alex jones topless horse

Whatever your opinion of Alex Jones and his Infowars news operation (There’s a war on for your mind), it’s despicable that the left in America has created an imaginary crime against WOMEN and only women that is called “body shaming.” The left, however, thinks it’s perfectly fine to body shame WHITE MALES.

Alex Jones looks reasonably fit and manly on his horse in a picture taken somewhere in central Texas. But the leftards disapprove of the quality of manliness.

I know this isn’t an important story in the grand scheme of things, but the denigration of manliness and masculinity is an important attack point that (((they))) use to destroy Western civilization. Witness all the “pajama boy” type TV commercials that feature stupid, clumsy, ugly “white” males (who are often Jewish comedians mocking us).

Compare America’s weak and wimply pajama boy Negro president to Russia’s manly leader, Vladimir Putin, to see which country is sick in the head and sick to its soul.

Read the Alex Jones story at Raw Story.

4 thoughts on “Alex Jones Goes Full Putin, Ridiculed by Leftards

  1. As muscular guy myself, I must concur that Jones is in pretty good shape for a 40 something guy, with an obvious history of chubbiness. That is a better physique than most guys 20 years younger.

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