White Cop Pulls Over Black Motorcyclist with Gun: What Happens Next … (Video)

This video should be shown to EVERY black teen in America!

6 thoughts on “White Cop Pulls Over Black Motorcyclist with Gun: What Happens Next … (Video)

  1. This probably happens hundreds of times every day in open carry States. Police would be nervous whenever pulling over someone with a gun on their hip, even more so at night. Most likely the police would know the gun is licensed even before they stop the bike. Due to calling in the registration number. They would also have known there are no arrest warrants and that the rider has never been in jail and probably never charged with any offense either.
    Open carry by backs is probably nerve wracking for the black rider also. Criminal blacks probably do not like seeing it, they would know the other black guy is law abiding.
    Probably most whites would also be nervous. This is natural due to a lifetime of seeing blacks up close and personal.
    This black guy clearly has money, probably a good job, educated and so on. He should be a role model for all blacks however the BLM people would probably put hateful comments against him on this video on Youtube.
    After all, the video was filmed and uploaded by the black motorcyclist not by the police.
    I would also guess that this black guy is intelligent and a very good shot. He probably practices at a range regularly which most criminals do not do. Criminals prefer not to have a gin license or permit.

    “An armed society is a respectful society”.

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