The Usual Outrage Occurs as White Georgia Politician Caught Making (Truthful) “Racist” Remarks.

Here’s more proof that if you simply tell the truth about the general tendencies of blacks, you’ll be labeled a racist in an effort to destroy you.

If you have a job and an interest in keeping it, stay off social media and always assume that someone is out to get you by recording you with a hidden camera.

Daily Mail

A long-serving Georgia county commissioner has found himself in the middle of a firestorm after he was heard in a secret recording making racially charged remarks about black political candidates and other leaders.

Douglas Country Commission Chairman Tom Worthan, who is white, has since apologized for his comments but insisted that they do not reflect his true feelings, and that he will not resign from his post nor drop his re-election bid.

Worthan, a Republican who has been in office since 2005, was attending a local festival in mid-September when he was approached by Douglas County resident Mark Dodd asking him for his thoughts on several African-American candidates running for office in the county.

What Worthan did not know at the time was that Dodd, who is also white, had his cell phone strategically peeking out of his shirt pocket with the camera app activated and surreptitiously recording their conversation.

During the eight-minute exchange between the two men, first aired by Fox 5 Atlanta, Worthan suggested that sheriff’s candidate Tim Pounds and Romona Jackson Jones, who is running against Worthan for commission chairman in November, were unqualified to lead because of the color of their skin.

In the recording, Dodd asks Worthan: ‘What are we going to do if Pounds and that girl wins? What’s going to happen? Be honest.’
In response, Worthan says: ‘Probably going to have to pack up and get out of here, you know?’

Dodd then attempts to draw out Worthan, urging him to elaborate on his statement by pointing out that they are having a one-on-one candid conversation: ‘it’s just me and the lamp post.’

Worthan takes the bait and replies: ‘Well, do you know of another government that’s more black that’s successful? They bankrupt you.’

When Dodd asks the incumbent chairman about the candidacy of Tim Pounds for sheriff, Worthan says: ‘I’m afraid he would put a bunch of blacks in leadership positions.’

tom wothan2

He later adds: ‘I’d be afraid he’d put his black brothers in positions that maybe they’re not qualified to be in. So I’d feel more comfortable with Mike Barnhill myself.’

A few days after the secretly recorded video aired, Tom Worthan sat down for an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta and offered his apologies for the racist remarks, saying that he spoke ‘as a politician trying to say what I needed to say to get a vote.’

It’s hard to be an honest man (or woman) in America today. When people are forced into being dishonest, it grates on them. I speculate that it makes them drink to excess, cheat on their spouses, and take unnecessary risks. Lying probably also has harmful effects on one’s health and even one’s lifespan.

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