Donald Trump Launches News Website Modeled After Drudge to Spill the Beans on the Clintons

Daily Mail

Donald Trump has launched a new avenue of attack against his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

On his Facebook page, the the Republican nominee for president posted a link to a website that bears a resemblance to the Drudge Report – only this site has news solely dedicated to swaying voters from supporting Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine.

The site,, is chock full of links to news articles about Clinton and Kaine primarily from conservative news sources like The Washington Times and Breitbart.

There are also links to press releases from Trump’s own presidential campaign website.

The top story on Trump’s imitation site was the recently leaked audio of Clinton talking about supporters of her defeated Democratic rival Bernie Sanders as ‘children of the Great Recession’ who ‘live in their parents’ basement.’

A Republican official told Business Insider on Monday that the design of the pro-Trump site was patterned after Drudge’s site.

The site was set up ‘in an easy to digest manner akin to Matt Drudge’s website,’ the official said.

‘ is the place to learn about Secretary Hillary Clinton and Sen. Tim Kaine’s failed records from their decades in politics,’ he said.

‘Upon launch, is heavily focused on Kaine’s disastrous tenure in Virginia politics to coincide with the upcoming vice presidential debate.’

Kaine will debate his vice presidential opponent, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, on Tuesday night.

Well, boys and girls, we know how that debate went for Tim Kaine.

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7 thoughts on “Donald Trump Launches News Website Modeled After Drudge to Spill the Beans on the Clintons

  1. ” ‘children of the Great Recession’ who ‘live in their parents’ basement.’”
    I wonder how many of these basement dwellers would change their vote to Trump on reading this? Sadly I would think that less than 5% would change to Trump. Maybe a few might vote for the third candidate, Whats ‘Is Name. Some may stay in their basement on polling day and play video games. A few more might vote informal – one way is to write “Bernie Sanders” on the ballot. Or “D. Duke” or “Karl Marx”.
    Electronic voting is not democratic. For one thing there is no way to vote informal, i.e. to intentionally render an invalid vote, which is a type of protest. I wonder if there is an option “None of these candidates” on the rigged machines? Or to vote and then damage the card on purpose eg by writing on it some insult or other?
    The Soviet Union had this “against” option and it continues to this day in some or many FSU countries. When one Commie Rat got 20% or so against, the election was invalidated and another Commie sought. There was always only one candidate in those days, and only one party. If more than 20% nowadays vote “None of these” there is a new election. I think this is a cracking good idea and a kick in the teeth to corrupt party selection mechanisms.
    So lefties, vote Bernie and vote often!

    • I vaguely recall that around 40 percent of Americans vote. I wish I could recall more details about the ethnic breakdown. I saw that the Hungarians voted 95 percent against open borders but the election is officially invalid because their law says that 50 percent of population must vote for an election to be valid. Apparently, only 40 percent voted.

      • This shit with 50% had been “condition” planted by EU. When Hungarians had referendum about joining the EU, there were only 35% out of the voting eligible and it was OK with EU norms. Just double standards in the by Kikes run EU.

  2. For years I was absolutely convinced that nobody could bit Hillary in despicability, ever. Well, I was wrong, Kaine is the one. On the picture with her, his face just calls for smashing it with baseball but or with brass knuckle. It’s amazing how birds of a feather do flock together.

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