Hungarian Intelligence Expert: Thousands of Muslim Soldiers Ready to Attack Europe

muslim_refugees MALES UP CLOSE

Who could have seen this?

A HUNGARIAN intelligence analyst has warned that “thousands of Muslim soldiers” have arrived in Europe and are plotting an invasion.

Laszlo Foldi claimed that “this is not terrorism in its classic meaning” as they aim to form a “mass base in Europe” by creating political parties to introduce Shariah law to the continent.

The claims were made during the astonishing interview on Hungarian TV, the ex-Director of Operations in the Hungarian Intelligence Agency.

When questioned about the migrant crisis across Europe, Mr Foldi said: “I think the problem is bigger than this: Can they tell, who are the one million people?

“So the situation is completely catastrophic from this point of view. And the reason for this – as we mentioned it many times – is the policy of open borders when innumerable masses arrived.

“About a year or a year and a half ago it was a taboo topic to even mention the possibility that terrorists can be mixed in with the migrants.

“There was a TV show – I will not say the name – where the reporter said it is stupid for migrants to come here on dangerous trips in inflatable boats when terrorists can just fly here comfortable. The problem is not that they could fly here too. But the fact is, thousands of Muslim soldiers arrived here.

“This is not terrorism in its classic meaning we are talking about here, but an attack, an invasion which has two purposes.

“In the first place, get as many as possible well-trained soldiers into Europe and their primary task it to enlist the local Muslim population, those second or third generation Muslims who live in the ‘non-existent’ no-go zones.”

According to Eurostat, 1,321,560 asylum claims were made across Europe in 2015 with more than 476,000 of those made in Germany after Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the doors to refugees.

Hungary recently voted in a nationwide referendum to ignore migrant quotas enforced on them by the European Union.

In a crushing result for EU bureaucrats, 98 per cent of Hungarian voters rejected the imposition of migrant quotas.

Despite the landslide victory, the result was declared void because voter turnout was just 42 per cent – below the 50 per cent required to make the referendum legally binding.

Mr Foldi continued: “More than 50 per cent do not want to integrate into the host culture; they are the members of a potential future army.

“Why did they not go to the rich oil countries right in the neighbourhood?

“Another type of strategy exists – besides sending soldiers and terrorists to Europe – but the conquest of Europe in another, more peaceful way.“

“The oil countries are not letting them in because they know they are not capable of doing any useful jobs, but they also need a new mass base in Europe, once the oil runs out and they move over to Europe, to create political parties for them.

“These people will vote for the Islamic parties, which will be created in Europe; they will achieve membership in parliaments with their critical mass. For this, it’s a perfect occasion as Europe invites in their future potential voters.”

A army of invaders in tanks and carrying weapons aren’t going to be needed to genocide the European. It’s time for Euro man to begin taking radical action against his so-called leaders.

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5 thoughts on “Hungarian Intelligence Expert: Thousands of Muslim Soldiers Ready to Attack Europe

  1. Isn’t there a Ramon Mercader to put an ice pick in the head of that psychopathic Ishmael Levitts ??
    IMO A real Holocaust is due ??

  2. “In a crushing result for EU bureaucrats, 98 per cent of Hungarian voters rejected the imposition of migrant quotas.”

    All Western nations should hang their heads in shame where 50% plus of all voters vote to get more Muslim non working scum and Africans also. . One day the Sharia lawmakers in the West will hang or behead all those whites that refuse to convert to Islam.

    ““The oil countries are not letting them in because they know they are not capable of doing any useful jobs”. This is true. Countries like Libya in the past had millions of Asians and other workers because Libyans were unable or too lazy to do the work. Same goes for Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc. guest workers by the millions.
    Arabs are lazy bums who should all stay in Arab lands. They can herd goats and camels and grow a few dates. That is the start and end of all their work load. They are the Abos of the Middle East. No wonder the Jews stole Palestine so easily. The dopey Arabs were (and are) too stupid, cowardly and lazy to fight for their own country. I should not be too hard on them because now Arabs and Coons are stealing white countries and the whites are behaving like Palestinians, or deer in the spotlight.

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