Faggoty Acting Tim Kaine Demolished by Silver Fox Pence in VP Debate


The NJ.com poll has Governor Mike Pence winning tonight’s Vice Presidential debate by taking 71 percent of the participants as of this writing. Many of the comments make note of the homosexual manner that Senator Tim Kaine displayed.


Republican candidate Mike Pence and Democrat candidate Tim Kaine squared off Tuesday night in their only vice presidential debate.

Pence, the governor of Indiana and Donald Trump’s running mate, battled Kaine, a U.S. senator from Virginia and Hillary Clinton’s running mate, at Longwood University in Farmville, Va.

The debate came exactly five weeks before Election Day, Tuesday Nov. 8.

Here’s a snippet of what the candidates had to say:

Washington Times

“My primary role is to be Hillary Clinton’s right-hand person,” Democratic nominee Sen. Tim Kaine said, before delivering his first of a series of jabs at GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Mr. Kaine, whose son is a Marine, said entrusting his son’s life to Mr. Trump “scares us to death.”

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence said that was another example of a Democratic ticket campaigning on “an avalanche of insults,” rather than on the issues — then fired his own shots at Mrs. Clinton saying she represents a third term for President Obama.

“The last 71/2 years we have seen America’s place in the world weakened,” Mr. Pence said. “We have seen the economy stifled by more taxes, more regulations and a war on coal and a failing health care reform that came to be known as Obamacare. The American people know we need to make a change.”

The debate, held at Longwood University in Virginia, was supposed to be a discussion, with both men seated at a table along with host CBS reporter Elaine Quijano.

More later as necessary as things shake out from tonight’s debate.

5 thoughts on “Faggoty Acting Tim Kaine Demolished by Silver Fox Pence in VP Debate

  1. Our Jew England media reported Kaine trounced on Pense as well as Hildabeast walked all over Trump….but that’s our Soviet Socialist media. They’re already acting like Queen Hildabeast has won and it’s time for the inauguration

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