Elderly Alt-Right Troll Arrested for “Hate is good” Loudspeaker Message


I’ve been preaching the message that righteous hate is good for a long time now. It’s good to see that others understand the concept.

SPLC Hatewatch

An Oregon man who used a loudspeaker atop his roof to spread hate messages was arrested by police for disorderly conduct, and then joked about it.

James Larry Marr, 63, who has been involved in anti-Semitic, racist activities for years, turned on his roof-top speakers in response to a nearby rally in Springfield, Ore., on Thursday by an anti-hate, social-justice group, the Eugene Register-Guard reported.

“Hate is good,” the recorded message blared from Marr’s roof. “Hate gives us a reason to exist. We can even pass hate onto our children and keep hate alive for centuries.”

Police responded after getting complaints from 30 citizens who could hear the loudspeaker blocks away, including at the rally being held by the Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect.

When no one answered the door at Marr’s residence, police called the Eugene Fire Department to remove the rooftop speaker. At that point, the newspaper reported, Marr came out and told officers he was “trying to get his message out to people.”

It wasn’t his first attempt to spread hate.

Marr drives a pickup truck emblazoned with a Nazi swastika and the message: “Trump: Do the white thing.”

His truck has been photographed throughout the Pacific Northwest and “widely shared on social media” by Alt-Right supporters of Trump’s candidacy, the newspaper reported.

In the past, Marr also has sported a “No ZOG” vanity license plate and spread racist, neo-Nazi fliers around Springfield area. He also has displayed signs supporting the “White Genocide Project,” which he says defends white people from “oppression by racial minorities,” the newspaper reported.

Marr was charged with second-degree disorderly conduct. Released a few hours later, he tweeted a photo of his arrest, saying, “A good time was had by all.”

Like most White Nationalists Marr has a good sense of humor. Kudos for not resisting arrest and getting himself shot to death like the members of a certain group we all know and love.


This Trump sign on Marr’s pickup truck is a big mistake, though. We have all these so-called White Supremacists who should tone down their support of Trump a bit. Unlike most who are called racist or white supremecist, Marr may actually be one. Trump has never said anything that would even remotely suggest that he’s racially aware. If you really support Trump, you should try to help him, not hurt him.

2 thoughts on “Elderly Alt-Right Troll Arrested for “Hate is good” Loudspeaker Message

  1. Overall the guy is a hero. I think he does more good than harm. Jew Lies Matter is a great sign for the back of his truck.
    About hate he has a good point also. Hate is what keeps a tribe safe from enemies.
    The paradox is that Goys for Israel like the Real McCain and all those Jew NeoCons want US citizens to hate Bashar Assad, Iran, North Korea and Russia, and China also.
    Whoa there, kikes!
    I thought that hate is a crime nowadays, especially of non whites?
    So to hate even North Korea should be a crime and those that hate North Korea should be jailed. 99% of USA media should be in jail right now for hate (which is also lies)!
    Songbird McCain should be jailed under existing hate laws. Especially, these laws are much stronger in Europe. So Tony Blair should be jailed for breaking hate laws for all his criminal attacks on innocent countries, and war profiteering from Jew buddies. Hating Saddam Hussein and Omar Gaddafi was racist and criminal. Hating Osama bin Laden was racist. Hating Bashar Assad is a crime.
    Jail the real haters!
    All war mongers should be jailed anyway before they can do any harm.
    In 1940 only 8% of US citizens wanted to fight the Germans. One year later they were dragged into the war – by haters!!! Such as hook nosed US citizens, pro Soviet Jew spies, in the US State Dept which caused the war with Japan. This was treason and also hate for the yellow man which caused 36 million deaths just in the Pacific War.

    • Every country needs its enemies to hold up to the population in order to motivate patriotism. The U.S. scriptwriters, the (((neocons))) make up stuff about Putin, et. al. to justify military intervention. In the end, it’s about money. Jews rob us blind one way or another.

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