Crazy White Woman Trashes Own Parents in Scathing Denunciation of Trump and His Deplorables


It’s a pretty nasty thing when you demonize your own dead father and elderly living mother in the national press.

Charlotte Meehan, a liberal, very deluded white woman has done just that. This is really crazy.

USA Today

Lest you assume that my parents, James and Olive Meehan, were uneducated, backwater folk, I should say that my father began his studies at MIT at age 16 and my mother was a registered nurse trained in Montreal, having attended a convent school for the whole of her childhood education. Once in my early 20s, when she mentioned the devil to me while driving on the highway, I laughed and said, “I don’t believe in the devil.” She became so upset, and started driving so erratically, that I had to change my answer. “Of course I believe in the devil. I was just kidding,” I said, to which she replied, “Well, thank God at least you still believe in the devil.”

Charlotte seems to have a problem with Christian beliefs. For her information, there are Devil worshipers who believe in the devil.

Charlotte sounds like she believes that she has all the answers. It might be normal to question the existence of the Devil, but to flat out tell your mother that he doesn’t exist is just rude and crazy.

Trump knows there are people all over this country who think in these stark terms of good and evil, who live in a conscious-unconscious racist mindset that fills them with rage about having seen an African-American president win two terms, and who feel buoyed by Trump’s frequent and reckless encouragement of violence. His twisted message of patriotism is actually one that elevates white supremacy, vulgarizes the American dream as one that values material wealth above all, and normalizes hate as a way to maintain socioeconomic position.

People like Charlotte insist on believing that all opposition to Obama is rooted in his skin color. It’s not.

It’s his socialist/Communist agenda that turns us off.

jmObamaWithViolin 001

This psychotic woman claims that Trump encourages violence, when the real violence has come from kerchief wearing leftists who beat up Trump supporters. Again, Charlotte sees herself as superior to us hoi poloi. She is the possessor of the truth in her mind, ignoring the reality that might intrude on her beliefs if she were to confront it.

trump supporter beaten up

I will give her credit for her observation that Trump is tied in with the promotion of materialism. But is he any more tied in with it than Hillary Clinton, who is worth $200 to $700 million, money obtained for creating nothing of value. Trump builds buildings. They are material things. They have real value.

Hillary gives speeches and earns untold wealth by her words and using her position to grant favors to those who give her money.

Even as a child growing up in an environment where my father referred to Martin Luther King as Martin Luther Coon, I knew this hatred and foul talk were wrong. Likely, my siblings and I understood this because we, too, were victims of my father’s violence, and we identified with the others at whom he was taking aim. In that sense, we were lucky. He did not succeed in stripping us of the most basic of human qualities and the cornerstone of civilization: empathy.

king at communist training school

Trump is inciting the worst aspects of the human condition, those that make us small, weak, fearful and dangerous. Enacting dominance over others, rather than celebrating difference, cooperating and finding what we have in common, is the most destructive way forward I can imagine. And Trump doesn’t mind doing it because, above all, he’s a salesman. If it sells, he’ll promote it — at any cost, even if it kills us. The worst part of all, the lowest aspect for me of what he’s doing, is that he doesn’t even believe it himself.

This mind reading leftist can read the Don’s mind. LOL.

I like a man or woman who understands that we live in a dangerous world. So, if Trump wakes up a few people to the dangers of immigration and Islam, then that should be a plus to any person with an instinct for self-preservation. Meehan has no such instinct. Problem is, she wants us along for her ride into oblivion.

Notice how this woman, who produces nothing of real value for society, denigrates builder Trump by calling him a “salesman.” Things that are produced have to find buyers. Selling is a noble profession when a salesman matches a customer with the right product for his needs.

You see how leftist smear jobs completely distort reality, but have a tiny sliver of truth in them.

As someone who had to reject her parents and their toxic beliefs, who spent many painful years learning how to want to be alive, and who has come out the other side knowing that love and kindness are the only way forward, I tell myself that Trump will not be the next president of the United States. Like President Obama, I believe in the good sense of the American people.

How sad that this pathetic woman rejects her parents, who gave her life. The Bible talks about the end times in terms of a lack of natural affection.

Notice too that she presents a false alternative. You can choose hate or love. That’s not what anyone I know is about.

Yes, righteous hatred is good, as I’ve written many times before. But righteous hatred does not preclude or exclude love and kindness.

Charlotte wants to love the whole world, except for white people who see it differently than she does. I think that psychologically her universal love that excludes loving her parents, is a payback for some kind of rejection she got from someone along life’s journey.

Nonetheless, I write this because I am intimately acquainted with those who are not sensible. My father died 22 years ago of brain cancer, which confirmed what I always knew. He was sick in the head. My mother has softened with age, but even now at 86 still says things such as, “We’re not all meant to be equal, you know.” I must admit that this moment in our country fills me with sadness, as I truly believed the progress of these past eight years had shown us the way to a future of hope. Clearly, that’s something we must continue to work hard to preserve and nurture.

Charlotte’s claim that sufferers from brain cancer are sick in the head is disgusting and revolting. Liberals get brain cancer too. Me, one of those “haters” she despises, would never make such a stupid, hateful, outrageous claim.

This obnoxious, hateful, mentally disturbed white woman’s ancestors would disown her if they could. If there is an afterlife, who could blame them for shunning her.

The beautiful Minnie Ervia is my kind of woman, and not just for her lovely feminine appearance:

Even the great black nationalist Louis Farrakhan has taken the trouble to warn whites that we are being genocided out of existence.

8 thoughts on “Crazy White Woman Trashes Own Parents in Scathing Denunciation of Trump and His Deplorables

  1. This Meehan is a very ugly woman.
    “Martin Luther King as Martin Luther Coon”.
    Very very funny. The real Martin Luther was a Catholic Priest who decided that he did not like the rules (and hypocrisy) and that he wanted to fuck nuns. So he broke away and created his own church and married a nun and had children. In many ways Martin Luther was like Henry VIII – both became protestants for selfish reasons and both caused many deaths. Lutherans outperformed Catholics because they had better genes, taller and whiter, and they worked harder. Catholics have a long history of laziness. Northern European protestants read the bible themselves and work hard, which ML promoted.
    Almost every time Catholics and Protestants fought, the Protestants kicked Catholic arse.
    King, what is a King? Usually a self appointed sovereign who gains the throne by force or a son of a King. This serial womanizer MLK was the son of slaves, not Kings. So his name is a joke and an insult to white people all around.

    “As someone who had to reject her parents and their toxic beliefs, who spent many painful years learning how to want to be alive”. The fact that her parents were realistic about Coons has nothing to do with her depression or other mental issues. It is inherited biologically. Probably she has the hard drinking and depressive Irish genes in her, though she looks a tad like a Kike. Sadly too, parents with mental issues pass on these traits plus give kids a rotten upbringing. Yet she had a father and mother at home. Has she ever thought what it was like for those like me where the mother stole the kids away from the father, legally, via divorce? Has she thought about the millions of unwanted kids brought up in orphanages or foster homes? She is wrong to blame Trump for her problems. The fact that the mother nearly crashed the car when the devil was doubted is a sign to me that the mother was mentally unstable, like this woman. All children rebel. Mentally ill parents can not handle this and often label their kids as being the one who is nuts.

    “Trump is inciting the worst aspects of the human condition, those that make us small, weak, fearful and dangerous.” No he is making white men big, strong, fearless and maybe dangerous to liberal fascists, criminals and violent Coons which she loves so much.

    I personally worked with a Meehan years ago and he was a sneak, a snitch, a small dark haired man about five foot eight, and a crawler. My nickname for him was “Toady Meehan”. He undermined (by snitching with the bosses) a tall Danish salesman who got the flick, then Toady Meehan got a big commission on a sale the Danish guy had done all the work for. The Danish guy visited customers and prospects. Toady Meehan spent all his time crawling with the bosses.

    • Martin Luther Coon was commonly what southern whites called MLK. MLK’s real first name was Michael.

      Meehan looks like a typical faculty wife. If you decide to be a university prof, this is what you get. No wonder profs hate society. They get stuck with something like this all the while there are hot girls in their classes who look like Minnie, the girl in the video.

      In any kind of breakdown of society the coons will not want Meehan nor will any white man protect such a rotten feminist hater. Blacks would harm her because of the color of her skin. Perhaps she should do a Rachel Dolezal and blacken herself up.

  2. What a vile twat. She is definitely going to suffer in hell, and when she meets the devil she can tell him how smart she thought she was. Too late, disgusting, vicious hag.

    • She is of the devil and she’s certainly doing his work. It was difficult to read her essay as she portrayed Trump as like her father, who gave her safety as a child. If her dad had been as liberal and crazy as her she might have been harmed by nonwhites. Dads should teach their children the truth. Hers did.

  3. She’s the perfect proof that Darwin Theory of the survival of the fittest was bullshit ?? It’s the survival of the biggest moron ?? A fat ugly female moron, that no sober man would dick !

    • No the the survival of the biggest moron does not disprove the theory. In certain times such as Cambodia under Pol Pot and the Soviet Union under Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin being stupid or a violent criminal was a guaranteed way to survive. Being intelligent, kind, hard working, loyal was an almost sure way to end up executed.
      In France 1790 being tall, handsome with fine features, with fair hair meant a good chance of being guillotined as a possible aristocrat. Being short and dark like Napoleon was a good way to survive. Darwin probably knew about this.
      “Fittest” does not always mean “best” and niggers are a good proof of that. Big dumb violent niggers did very well in the jungles of Africa.
      Also lazy Muzzies and stupid Coons having ten kids each are now taking over the world. The intelligent altruistic whites are not fit and are doomed. Except for the Hungarians.

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