White Lives Matter Protesters Waving Images of Pepe Confront Houston ADL Triggering BLM Counterprotest

white lives matter protest adl3

Taking a pro-white protest straight to the Jew is good form. Note that the Jews get their nonwhite foot soldiers to harass the white protesters.

The devious Jew is surely getting nervous.

“Gas the Kikes, race war now,” as they like to say on /pol.

The reporting of this story is heavily biased against White Lives Matter. Just so you’ll know.


Waving banners and hurling obscenities, White Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter protesters faced off in an angry hours-long shouting match Saturday in front of the Anti-Defamation League’s southwest Houston office.

WLM protesters countered chants of “Black Lives Matter” with shouts of “No they don’t!” Meanwhile, BLM protesters urged their opponents to, “Kill yourself, follow your leader,” referencing Adolf Hitler’s death by suicide.

On one side of barriers – set up by police well before the 11 a.m. start – a multicultural coalition of counter-protesters waved “Smash Fascists” and “Stop Racism” signs, debated whether to burn a flag, blasted Spanish music and raised black power fists.

A few yards away, heavily tattooed WLM activists hoisted “Stop Killing Our Police Officers” signs and waved images of Pepe the Frog, the cartoon image recently declared a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League.

white lives matter protest adl2

“This isn’t about Nazism. We are here because white lives matters,” said Trump hat-wearing rally leader Ken Reed, 41.

Police – some on horseback, some on foot – fanned out across a large area surrounding the protest site, spilling into nearby parking lots with emergency vehicles and blocking one lane of traffic along the Southwest Freeway service road. Although police kept the feuding activists separated with barriers and yards of empty space between the two camps, a chaotic chorus of chants and counter-chants volleyed back and forth for hours.

Self-proclaimed pro-white activists originally planned the event to protest the civil rights organization, which they called “disgustingly anti-American” and said is supposedly “involved in domestic espionage,” according to the Facebook event page.

“They are calling us a ‘Hate Group,'” the group griped online.
In response, a broad coalition of counter-protesters, including everyone from Students for a Democratic Society to Latinos Inmigrantes Triunfadores to Black Lives Matter, gathered in opposition, far outnumbering the white nationalists who initiated the event.

“We’re here to drown the voices of the White Lives Matter white supremacists out. They’re out here protesting the Anti-Defamation League, but it’s more than that,” said organizer Ashton P. Woods, 31. “They’re white supremacists. They no longer matter, they never did. And it’s time for their voices to be drowned out.”

With a crowd at least 50 strong, the counter-protest coalition did their best to achieve that, but white activists kept firing back with snarky insults.

“Black, brown, Asian, white working people must unite,” chanted the counter-protesters.

“How many of y’all actually work?” shouted one pro-white activist.
At one point, WLM protesters began shouting about Harry Potter, for reasons that were not entirely clear. Later, they told a white BLM supporter they couldn’t take him seriously because of his perm.

As the day wore on, WLM protesters grew in number, while BLM protesters refreshed their front-line supplies with freshly made signs, using four-letter words to denounce their opponents’ Pepe images.


The bizarre anthropomorphic frog was once a benign symbol that morphed into an internet meme and eventually took on racially charged connotations as Klan-hooded and Hitler-mustached variants surfaced online. In September, the Anti-Defamation League declared Pepe a hate symbol.

Despite the offensive nature of their signage, Reed clarified that his group is not white supremacists.

“I am not a Nazi,” he said, flanked by a man sporting a swastika tattoo. “I am a racial realist and white nationalist, meaning that I support the rights and interests of our people in this country.”

When one WLM protester showed up with a gun, counter-protesters objected – and Reed shouted, “The only way his finger will go on the trigger is if you all come over here.”

At one point, Black Lives Matter supporters scrounged up a flag and started gathering lighters. But ultimately they decided to rip the stars and stripes to shreds, waving it along the roadside for passersby on Southwest Freeway service road.

Leading up to the event, protesters on both sides prepped with a flurry of Facebook activity, including some live video posted the night before.

“Activists have to act. Movements have to move and if you are pro-white, you’ve gotta be pro-active,” one white activist said in a video posted.

He went on to trash Hillary Clinton, immigration, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League.
“White genocide is a real thing and white privilege is not a real thing,” he said.

Last month, a group of gun-toting white activists made national headlines when they waved Confederate flags and flew White Lives Matter banners in front of the NAACP’s Houston office in the historically black Third Ward.

“It has nothing to do with racism on our part,” Reed said at the time. “We’re proud to be Southern. It has all to do about heritage, nothing to do with hate.”

4 thoughts on “White Lives Matter Protesters Waving Images of Pepe Confront Houston ADL Triggering BLM Counterprotest

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  2. Why do the SJWs all dress like a rag tag army of Che Guevaras? Always their faces are covered.
    I did not know until today that supporting whites means that Adolf Hitler is my leader. Hitler did commit suicide but he first bumped off a number of gypsies, Slavs, mental defectives and a small number of Jews. Mostly, Hitler killed whites by his war activities, millions of whites died fighting other whites.
    I suppose if any white person contemplating suicide tales a number of non whites with him, or white SJWs, then that is not a compete waste. Suicide is murder, so why not take out a few enemies at the same time? Most suicides do not think these things through, they are too busy feeling sorry for themselves. Poor me, boo hoo, nobody cares, this will make them sorry (no, it won’t). Suiciders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to get even with anybody they hate, and never get punished for it.

    • I avoid the subject of Hitler because it’s not my area of expertise. Obviously, Anglin at the Daily Stormer worships him or at least pretends to. The Playboy interview with George Lincoln Rockwell offers an American Nazi perspective. Rockwell was very smart but a traitor murdered him. I’m sure I have a post on him, but a search didn’t turn up anything or it turned up too much. The WP search feature isn’t very discriminating.

      • Re Hitler, judge actions and results rather than words. tens of millions of whites died during a war that Hitler started. He had no hope of winning. He discredited the white race (even though he was defeated by whites) and the Jews have been harping on this theme for decades. Though not since 1945. The mantra started more like 1970 or so. The sick, sorry six, million victims, thus ….We (the victims) must be allowed to rule the world and we must never be criticized.
        Using this Jew “logic”, Christian Armenians should be allowed to dictate to Turkey, for ever, Turkeys foreign policy and immigration policy for example, and lead their Central Bank of course..

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