Update on Brian Ogle Beating: Mother Calls It a Hate Crime


Here’s the latest on white Alabama teen Brian Ogle who was beaten nearly to death by a mob of howling monkeys on Friday night. A local TV news report is embedded after the story.

Amazingly, this story is gaining traction in the national media. So far, President Obama has offered no comment on the hate crime, even though he’s quick to offer opinions where the races are reversed.


Brian Ogle is in an Alabama hospital in critical condition after a group of black teens allegedly delivered a beating that police say may have been racially motivated — and one that the victim’s mother is calling a hate crime.

The 17-year-old high school student was reportedly beaten on Friday after his school’s homecoming football game. Ogle, who is white, was with a large group of people in the parking lot of an Ace Hardware store when one or more black teens attacked him, WALB reported.

Police arrived and found Ogle bleeding from his head, the report noted, and the teen was taken to Coosa Valley Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition. Brian’s mother said he suffered a fractured skull and had bleeding on his brain.

While the exact circumstances of Brian Ogle’s beating are not entirely clear, some witnesses said there was a racial motivation for his attack. Witnesses reportedly told police that Ogle had been involved in an incident in school that week, and Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson said a Facebook post about Black Lives Matter may have played a role in the attack.

“Johnson says witnesses are telling police there was an incident at Sylacauga High School last week involving the victim and some of the persons of interest,” WALB reported. “He says there may have been a verbal exchange or a social media post about the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement, which may have sparked Friday night’s assault.”

The victim’s mother is now calling the assault a hate crime. Brandi Allen said she believes her son became a target for attack after he vocally supported police following a spate of recent high-profile shootings, ABC 33/40 News reported. Allen said her son posted some pro-police comments on Facebook.

Allen said it took her son two days after the beating to begin to regain consciousness, and it was not until Sunday that he recognized his own mother. Though he showed signs of progress, things are still very touch and go for Brian, she said.

“Not knowing if my son is going to make it to his 18th birthday this month, I don’t know if anybody can understand what that feels like,” Allen said.

Allen said she wants to see justice for her son — including hate crime charges against the people who attacked him.

“I want to see them in jail, this most certainly is a race issue, it’s a hate crime.” Allen said.

Brian Ogle had reportedly been getting threats at his school after making the Facebook post, his mother said. But despite Ogle bringing evidence to his school, they reportedly did nothing to stop it or to protect the 17-year-old, his mother added.

“My son took [evidence of threats] to the principal at Sylacauga High School and I commend him for that,” she said. “He showed her the threats that were being made to him, but she told him there was nothing she could do. I’m appalled.”

Police said they have at least one person of interest in Ogle’s beating, but also told ABC 33/40 News that there is no evidence that the Black Lives Matter organization — or anyone from it — may have played a role.

Ogle’s story seems to have struck a chord nationwide, with many pro-police groups supporting him and some even putting together an online fundraiser to pay for his medical bills.

21 thoughts on “Update on Brian Ogle Beating: Mother Calls It a Hate Crime

  1. Thank you for doing such an admirable job of keeping us in the loop regarding Brian. It resonated with me when first posted yesterday as I have a son. Having said that, one doesn’t have to be a parent in order to feel strong emotions about the vicious gang attack on a young man who simply expressed support for OUR police. And for exercising his civil rights (something you bemoan daily claiming you are the race being denied) he was attacked by thugs? Morally bankrupt individuals aka punks who feel white society owes them. Why? Why do I owe you anything Mr/Ms Black Person? Have you given me money? Gifts? Saved my life? Fixed my plumbing? No ~ instead you use any single event to play the race card ~ to loot, destroy property, hurt and even kill innocent people. You burn businesses to the ground ~ business that are often owned by blacks! Explain your logic for it eludes me.

    I saw what you did to Atlantic City which was destroy all the free or low income housing HANDED to you while I, as a single, white college educated mother, struggled to pay bills, feed/clothe my children, and send them to private school because of the violence always brewing in the public school system by YOU. And unlike you, I had to do it without government assistance. No subsidy for housing or utilities, no Medicaid, no food stamps or even free transportation. Once you’d destroyed AC you moved to Ventnor, an ocean community reaped in beauty and history and, after destroying it, that moved on to Margate. All on my tax dollar! Two decades later society is worse than ever because of your ilk, your hatred of anything “white” (except the free benefits). My only positive thought on this latest act of violence is that Brian has shown some improvement. I’m going to cling to that and pray it continues because to see a young, vibrant boy on the cusp of his school graduation, anxious and ready to carve his niche in life ~ to see that snuffed out because of YOUR predisposition for savagery is a reality I’d prefer not to deal with. And these thugs better be charged with a hate crime no matter what their age or excuse. Works both ways. Hate is hate…

  2. “Allen said her son posted some pro-police comments on Facebook.”
    ““My son took [evidence of threats] to the principal at Sylacauga High School”.

    So the police and Fecesbook are working together 24 hours a day to solve this hate crime? “Police said they have at least one person of interest in Ogle’s beating, but also told ABC 33/40 News that there is no evidence that the Black Lives Matter organization — or anyone from it — may have played a role.”

    Beware of saying the police are your friends. Blacks will beat the shit out of you and the cops will say it was a robbery gone wrong, or some random violence. With friends like the police, who needs enemies?

    In my opinion scores of police, and dozens of Foolsbook staff, should be assigned to this case full time and the fact publicized nationwide. The message should be, delivered by the POTUS himself or the Federal Attorney General, if you physically attack any law abiding citizen for supporting the police, we will get you no matter what it takes.

    What about other authority figures, will they support you and protect you? Obama yawns. Headmistress of your school maybe? “principal at Sylacauga High School …… He showed her the threats that were being made to him, but she told him there was nothing she could do. I’m appalled.”

    White men and teenagers, you have no friends in Government or authority. Keep your head bowed. If you stand tall and proud we will chop your head off or we will get our nigger friends to do it for us.

    Vote Trump.

    • Interestingly, if you have something on somebody where the cops can give them a ticket, then they will act. In a case where there are threats the thing to do is go to court and get a restraining order which might or might no do any good.

  3. The people who did this ought to be legally executed on national television. As slowly as possible.

    As for the piece of trash in the White House, he may not have this boy’s blood on his hands – but he mist certainly has the blood on his LIPS. Words do have cconsequences – or they ought to. I think it would be a beautiful, magical gift to the American people to see Mr. Obama officially forced out of office for pouring gasoline all over this fire.

    • I would be satisfied with Obama being silenced after he leaves the White House. He intends to stay in the public eye pushing his agenda when he’s not playing golf. If he had a stroke that silenced him, I would be happy, even though that sets the bar low.

  4. Unbelievable hate violence! Where has America gone? What Happened to our country? Where did it begin to go wrong?
    I think we all know. God is Not Dead!
    We are praying for this young man and his family. All Christians should be on their knees begging God for wisdom and guidance as to how to go forward.

    • The media promotes hatred of the white race. The media is totally dominated by Jews. From Jewish movie mogols and screen writers to the control of the news media, the subliminal message is “Kill whitey.”

    • Tamir was pointing a gun at pedestrians. That’s why the police were called. What the fuck is a 12 year old the size of an adult doing out on the street threatening people with what looks like a real gun. Ogle wrote “Blue Lives Matter” on Facebook. To you that makes him a racist who wants to kill six million blacks.

  5. And anyone here think this poor man will ever get even an ounce of justice? Wheres the $^&(in FBI?!?!? if it was a google in the hospital, we know what would be happening…
    Ammo up people.

  6. If I am reading the story right he was with a group of friends/people when he was attacked. What kind of friend sits there and watches while a friend gets the shit beat out of him? The animals who did this should be hung by their nuts. Let’s see if the king racist in Washington chimes in on this one?…

  7. My interpretation is that he was with a large group of people after a homecoming event however until Brian corroborates they might easily have just been other students as opposed to friends. What I find particularly disturbing is the egregious behavior or lack thereof by school authorities i.e. the principal after Brian told her of the threats. As a parent I feel she bears culpability in this as she FAILED to protect a student who followed protocol by reporting threats made against him. When my child is under your jurisdiction you damn well better protect him if he comes to you about threats made against him. Where’s the ACLU on this? Are they “working” the case with Brian’s interest at heart???

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