Naggers Backed a Loser in Alfred Olongo: U.S. Tried to Deport Him, Uganda Wouldn’t Take Him Back

alfred olango

When Alfred Olongo was shot dead by police, the protests began even as his dead body was still bleeding out. The protests by blacks continue. Even as it’s become known that he was a parasitical turd.

Hillary Clinton has previously made statements before black groups supporting piece of trash Alfred Olongo. She views the USA as a dumping ground for the wasted, worthless third world vermin that their own countries do not want.

We get to support them for the next 70 years and then their sprogs forever after.

Thanks, Hillary, you f*cking c*nt.


The Usual Thing is going on in San Diego: El Cajon businesses told to shutter over weekend as Alfred Olango protests continue,, October 1 2016. And, also as usual, the Narrative is Collapsing:

Olango was ordered twice for deportation in the past after having several problems with the law. The prescribed run-ins allegedly included selling cocaine, driving drunk and illegally possessing handguns.

But after his native Uganda refused to take him in, Olango was allowed to stay in the country. This was based on a Supreme Court decision that barred detaining foreign nationals for more than six months if the deportation was unlikely. According to a statement from the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Olango, who was ordered to appear regularly before them, stopped reporting in Feb. 2015.

He fled Uganda, grew up in a refugee camp, loved cooking and soccer. And then he was shot by American police, by Abdi Lafif Dahir, Quartz Africa, October 1, 2016. Links in original, emphases added.

Olango was reportedly born in Uganda and “was in a refugee camp,” presumably in Kenya, in the 1990s before coming to the U.S. as a refugee in 2001. [Who Was Alfred Olango? by Rory Devine and R. Stickney., September 29, 2016.]

If he was in a “refugee camp,” he was not in immediate danger and there was no need (other than Electing A New People) to bring him in. Plus there was absolutely no need to keep him once he turned out to be a bad skittle—it’s ludicrous that the U.S. can’t impose its will on Uganda.

Time to abolish the Refugee Racket.

alfred olongo

3 thoughts on “Naggers Backed a Loser in Alfred Olongo: U.S. Tried to Deport Him, Uganda Wouldn’t Take Him Back

  1. In that photo his eyes are glazed. Drugs, conehead etc? Mentally ill?
    Funny that Uganda can dictate to the United Homo States Of America (UHSA). Uganda has a life sentence for the crime of homosexuality. Why does not the big bad US military crush Uganda like the evil Muzzie nations, on behalf of the Fags and the Jews? Then import the entire population of Uganda in to the West. Problem solved, everyone is a winner, LGBTs, feminists and Ugandans laughing together in the Unicorn States of America (USA).
    The UK was a winner too, when they took all the Paki shopkeepers which Field Marshal Idi Amin expelled from Uganda. Wonder why Asians could not go back to the Asian countries they came from?

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