Drudge Diversionary Tactic: Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Nagger Son Out of the Shadows

drudge oct 3 2016

With Donald Trump being smeared as a sexist woman hater by the mainstream media, Matt Drudge is offering the Don some strategic cover by dredging up the old story of Bill Clinton’s alleged son, whose mother was a Negro prostitute.


I don’t have an opinion on whether Williams is the son of Bill Clinton, but I have no doubt that he’s half white. I also have no doubt that Bill Clinton’s d*ck has no racial awareness. Thus, I feel certain that he’s screwed numerous women of all colors and ethnicities.

If Bill Clinton wants to clear up this matter it would easy for him to submit a saliva sample for testing by an independent lab.

Link to Danney Williams Facebook page

you are the father meme maury

14 thoughts on “Drudge Diversionary Tactic: Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Nagger Son Out of the Shadows

  1. Yes DNA tests are in order here, and beofre the election. If he is not the father this may be criminal libel and exptrotion, and Billary can sue Drudge for the cash. If Bill is the father then Obama might be jealous. Does Obama have any children of his own? Banging men never results in pregnancy. Unless a female is involved in a three way or orgy with with homos and bisexuals and so it could happen. Some women like this sort of thing, most women are interested in poofters for some reason.

  2. Pls check your Twitter pm box. Gave you something you will enjoy. Did not include photo but that can be seen on a tweet going out ASAP

  3. Just irrelevant links so you don’t approve my comment. The other night one got past and one of your readers wasn’t happy w/me.

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