White Alabama Teen Left Brain Damaged After Being Beaten by Google Mob


alabama teen beaten by black mob

Brian Ogle will probably be dead of his injuries soon. If he lives he will NEVER recover, but be an invalid all of his life.

The police in Alabama have made no arrests and are trying, with the cooperation of the media, to cover up this story. No one has even been arrested as this is being written, although local white citizens are asking why not.

Do not let Brian Ogle be forgotten. Share the links in this story with everyone who might be interested.

Remember Brian Ogle!


SYLACAUGA, Ala. — The Sylacauga Police Department is investigating the assault of a 17-year-old, Sylacauga High School student, who was attacked by multiple suspects around 10 p.m last night near the Old Ace Hardware parking lot.

Once police arrived on scene they found the male victim bleeding from his head. According to authorities the victim was transported to Coosa Valley Medical Center, and later transported to UAB by life saver helicopter.

Police say the teen is currently listed in critical condition with head injuries received during the assault.

Sylacauga police asks for anyone with information regarding the incident contact them at (256) 401-2450.

Police confirm there have been race related issues within the high school recently and believe it’s possible that this assault was related to issues seen in the school system.

Police say they have no reason to believe the Black Lives Matter movement was involved regarding this assault.

Chief Kelley Johnson of the Sylacauga Police Department issued the following statement in a news release:

There are many rumors afloat on social media that this incident may be stemming from an incident at SHS. This is at this time only rumors. It is however a part of the investigation. SPD is asking that the community allow us to do our jobs and not jump to conclusions about why this incident happened. SPD is praying for the victim and his family and also for our Community. I believe I speak for everybody when I say “the violence needs to stop, whether it is from the incident at the high school or for any other reason.

More here:


A 17-year-old Sylacauga High School student is recovering at UAB Hospital after police say he was attacked following the Homecoming football game Friday night.

Brandi Allen, the victim’s mother, identified her son as Brian Ogle.

Sylacauga Police Chief Kelley Johnson says a large group of students gathered in the parking lot of the old Ace Hardware behind the Sonic on W Fort Williams Street in downtown Sylacauga.

Johnson says one or more black teens assaulted Ogle, a 17-year-old white teen.

When officers arrived, they found him bleeding from his head. Medics took him to the Coosa Valley Medical Center in Sylacauga and he was then airlifted to UAB Hospital where he is in critical condition recovering from head injuries.

Allen says her son suffered a broken skull in a few places and is bleeding from the brain. Johnson says witnesses are telling police there was an incident at Sylacauga High School last week involving the victim and some of the persons of interest.

Even more at liberal al.com which is in on a cover up.

The only punishment that blacks understand is PAIN. No slap on the wrist school suspension and 30 hours of community service is acceptable. I hope there are still some strong white men in Alabama who know what to do.

More on this story as developments warrant.

28 thoughts on “White Alabama Teen Left Brain Damaged After Being Beaten by Google Mob

  1. I am deeply devastated at this crime scene. This one of the most vicious inhumane attacks I have seen by far. Blm has got 2 go, they’re no better than the kkk and every other terrorist group in the world. Cause truth is… they’re being funded by the head-terrorist in the world, George Soros.

    I am so sorry 4 Brian Ogle*, he didn’t deserve this cruelty and now all I wish is for blm and every other hate group in our country OUT Of Here! Banished from the USA 4 Good!

    • Thanks for commenting on this unnecessary tragedy. If segregation were still practiced Brian would not have had his fellow students looking to get even with him because they would be in an all black school and he would be in an all white school.

    • Gabe — Ironically, the kkk was established to DETER this kind of crime.

      Tom Watson famously said, “Let them remember that, and quit knocking at us about lynchings. When the crimes stop, lynching will stop. Not a minute before.”


      But no doubt the Jews infiltrated the kkk as soon as it became affective. So, it is important to distinguish between the Hollywood version of the kkk, and the kkk that was put in place to defend the White race.

      I do not think it is appropriate to place the kkk into your “terrorist” definition.

      • I totally agree and am glad you brought it up. The KKK was very thoroughly discussed by David Duke in his “My Awakening.”

        What most don’t realize is that if these walking apes stop breaking the law, police shootings will also stop.

  2. Two different tweets about same killer! On has media link the other has link to doc with his personal info. Do you realize this is the third college male that abused a dog in the past few weeks/months? Two abused their own (except he tortured his for weeks until he killed it)
    “Investigators said an autopsy showed the puppy had suffered severe internal injuries, including a hemorrhaging eye, liver and brain”.
    The third abused and severely injured his neighbors dog!

    • I’ve seen a lot of bad news about animals abused today. I may not be able to make it through all of it. We have to do something. I believe what we’re seeing is the breakdown in natural kindness that is being indoctrinated out of us. More later after I’ve composed my thoughts.

      • Ok. I know you and I differ somewhat on our view on race relations but feel we are intelligent enough to collaborate despite it. I need help as I’m a relatively new blogger. And I can help you as I’m a methodical researcher. But at some point I must (for the sake of my emotional health) back off all the rampant animal abuse and refocus on K9 deaths at the hands of negligent handlers. I find myself constantly grinding my jaw with each new violent act committed against a helpless animal.

    • This off topic dog abuse story is hijacking an important thread about a white male beaten to near death by black teens. A casual observer might think that Luke Stribling, white man, is the main person that beat Ogle to brain damage.

      • Thanks D. You can rely on Paladin to post at least one dog story per day, usually two. A mix of happy, funny, sad, abuse etc. You know if you cry a lot about this animal abuse it may be the real feelings are within you and somewhat unrelated to the actual dog stories. Just some free and totally unqualified opinion. Hey you could pay $100 or more and get less opinion from the qualified experts. You can not stop cruelty in general though you can help in specific cases.
        To my mind, there are way too many dogs in the world, and way too many people also.
        There are societies to stop cruelty to animals but no such societies to stop cruelty to human beings. I exaggerate slightly but it is essentially true. People care more if a man kicks a dog than if a man kicks another man. Like this story, several black men kick a white man to near death. the media did not even notice. Lock a dog in a car in the heat and it is a big story, same if a white or Asian mother locks her kiddie in the car while gambling. If a black woman locks her baby in the car, no story.

      • LOL. In today’s posts I worked in a dog peeing on Hillary, an elephant taking a break in a pool, a horse with a rider, dolphins part of an optical illusion, and a chimp who chimped out (Alfred Olongo). Oh, and a bunny (named Bugs). Lots of critters to insert in one day. Feels good man. As Pepe would say. Oh, I worked him in too.

    • D, for the sake of your own happiness, spend at least some time focused on happy animal stories,or at least stories with happy endings. I try to mix it up here. In face, I read headlines sometimes where I can’t bear to read the story.

      No one who comments here has to agree about race relations or anything else so long as they don’t pick fights with other commenters or disrupt things. So, don’t feel like you have to agree on any subject.

  3. A lot of people say that the medieval times were savage or something like that, but i think that they knew more than we do about criminality.

    Now the liberal dream is that all criminals are just people who because of circumstances committed a crime and that they can be redeemed or something like that.

    But how many times does someone have to die, get raped or scarred for life because a criminal was set free from prison, again?

    I think Duterte actually has a good idea about what he is doing. By sending the message that drug crimes are not allowed and punishable by death, not just a few years in prison (where most likely they’ll just get worse than they were before, or they’ll have such an easy time that it won’t feel as a punishment at all, as it happens in most western states).

    Basically, i think we’re being too easy on criminals, blacks and other “diversity” even more so. There should be harsh punishment and even death penalty for things like what happened in this article. That will surely make criminals think again before doing a crime. Not all these shenanigans about reintegrating them or other liberal dreams. They just learn that it’s ok to do crimes, because the government will just treat them like bad kids who did a mistake instead of murderers.

    • Also, no death row, what a waste of money and resources. In the UK in the 1930s a man condemned to death was hung within about three days of conviction, or appeal if one was allowed.

      • Well i think that in cases where it isn’t totally clear that someone committed the murder then he shouldn’t be killed, because that could lead to a lot of frame-ups just to get rid of enemies, BUT they should be put to work. I’m sure there are a lot of things that need doing in farming perhaps, streets to get cleaned and other stuff.

    • Because recidivism is higher when we focus on pumishment over rehabilitation. Its not just some liberal pipe dream. Jails, in their current state, create criminals more than they get rid of them. And if we’re talking about how the justice system is lenient on criminals, I’d like to hear your opinion on why white men who threaten officers with fire arms are dealt with using non-lethal force and blacj 12-year-olds are shot for carrying a toy gun in an open carry state.

      • You are bullshitting. Whites are shot at a higher rate than blacks. As to the ONE 12 year old shot, he was what six feet tall and 200 pounds? He looked like an adult.

        When blacks have 20 arrests and spend little time in jail the system is too lenient. That’s why I advocate what they understand: PAIN! As in judicially ordered lashings. I would also support amputation of hands after so many instances of conviction for theft. These punks are out of control and you damn well know it.

      • I agree. The physical punishments and public shaming worked far better then the prison coddling we have now. Why work when you can have 3 meals a day, a gym, TV, big yard to play in, showers, etc. This is why more criminals are made in prison then in society now a days. Most coon kids in the ghettos have a father, brother, cousin or friend in prison. Like begets like.

  4. the family of brian ogle need to pick out some nigger youth and blow their fucking heads off,an eye for an eye.whites can’t keep being mr nice guy with this,dont lower ourselves to their level excuse.we need to kill them back onlt twice as many as twice as brutal otherwise we are going to be the whipping boy of a colored world.arm yourselves don’t worry about gun laws ,stock up plenty of ammo,very expensive thanks to Obama,do you think Obama doesn’t want white people to have ammo?i do.our country is run by pro black and muslim radicals.who invite terrorists and thugs to the white house and party with rappers.the degenerate activity is very disturbing.as for the teachers ,maybe women shouldn’t be teaching sexual active aged males,i certainly don’t think women should be teaching mens gym class,this feminisim has spun out of control,as we speak ill trained and incompetent women are being assembled for a special forces combat team.this is absolutely ridiculous because all the standards are lowered so they can pass.im sick of women attacking and infiltrating everything men are proud of.it has to stop because women are not good soldiers firefighters,cops,mechanics,ehgineers,code writers,and obviously teachers.they belong raising our white kids,not sucking some negroes dick at the high school.they want it all,they want the career the notoriety they want to be treated like ladies and get all those perks while acting like bulldikes .I think they just want to stick it to men by going into male dominated careers.the minority sex obsession is disturbing,i really think we need to go through our schools and see whos teaching who and make the appropriate adjustments and that means no young teachers teaching sexually active men,and white women have no business teaching at black schools,no business whatsoever,bring back the kkk minus the stupid robes.and incorporate the group and gain legitimacy through greasing palms and commerce.not burning crosses.or sell drugs like colored gangs,who are purposely targeting white areas to sell their poison.we need payback ,I for one cant go much longer without it,but I want to make sure I get someone who deserves it.and has gotten over on whites,and makes a statement,any of the blm leaders are an example.or a black pimp who abuses white women,or even guys like malik Shabazz.pop that muthr fukr in the head with some hot led.martyrs needed apply within.

    • Try to break up your thoughts into shorter paragraphs for readability. Thanks.

      Ogles mother is just hoping that the cops arrest somebody. It would take a real man to go out and do what our ancestors did. The KKK was formed not for racist reasons but to try to keep black crime under control. It worked. We need something to prevent shit like this from happening, as it does day after day.

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