Niggas Chant “Fuck Donald Trump” in L.A. Protest Over Police Shooting of Dindu


The grieving black mother is always good propaganda. Low information whites feeling that old white guilt are going to come rushing to support the “reform” of law enforcement to rid the police of all those mean old white racists. Only Hillary can fix this. Right?

Meanwhile, the usual “outrage” is being touted in the compliant media. Take a look at an example of that outrage in the video embedded below:

The media calls this Nigger Twerk fest a protest? Dey jus beez gitting ready to go to dat Walmar and git dem a new TV.

Whatever these creatures are, they are not human as we understand the term. It would be an insult to monkeys to call them that!

From the youtube information box:

Published on Oct 2, 2016… s Angeles police fatally shot an 18-year-old man Saturday in South Los Angeles after he bailed out of a vehicle being pursued by officers and ran away on foot.

The fatal shooting of the man, identified by his relatives as Carnell Snell Jr., stirred anger among residents that lingered into the night. Police say Snell was armed with a gun, though residents almost immediately questioned that account.

The events leading up to the shooting began about 1 p.m. , when officers spotted a car with paper plates and tried to stop it, thinking the vehicle may have been stolen, Sgt. Barry Montgomery told reporters at 108th Street and Western Avenue.

When the driver of the vehicle failed to stop, officers began a pursuit, Montgomery said.

A sample of black Twitter, which is ruling social media now:

Blacks are winning the propaganda war on social media from what I’ve seen. The weakness in their whining and bullshitting is that they never show any concern when “one of our own” is “taken away” by another black hoodlum.

Blacks also have the (((news media))) in their pocket promoting the notion that racist cops want to kill innocent blacks for no reason other than that all whites are racists.

Whites cannot do anything with the way the press reports every police shooting of a black, while ignoring police shootings of white thugs, but we can go onto social media and disrupt the narrative.

I posted this on the fly to disrupt the black cringefest on Twitter:

Heavy has the facts and rumors about the shooting pretty well covered.

16 thoughts on “Niggas Chant “Fuck Donald Trump” in L.A. Protest Over Police Shooting of Dindu

  1. Cops aren’t shooting blacks faster than they can breath between deaths, blacks are committing crimes faster than cops can keep the peace.

    • First of all, it’s “breathe” – not ‘breath,’ and, secondly, the “Sheriff” (“worthy man of the shire)” is suppose to be the “Officer of the Peace” – not the “police” or “policy officers,” but you idiots don’t know the difference, and don’t know that the “Sheriff” commissioned the “Police Department” long ago; selling its full powers as “agency,” and yet you idiots did nothing about it. Hence the name: “Sheriff’s Police”

    • In my previous tweets the url was incorrect. Apparently because I had signed the url would not allow anyone else to sign it. These new pics & tweets have the corrected URL
      Old bags on Twitter are really beating me up today. I think I’m finishing scheduling my tweets & getting out of there.

  2. It is truly amazing that these BLMers keep on behaving the way they do without even a thought of the seething, barely repressed anger that they are generating in a population that outnumbers (and outguns!) them.
    You can read and hear lots of comments from ordinary citizens about when the SHTF and a good bit of it is mainly venting frustration … but the other day I heard a 20-year Army Airborne veteran (CIB, Silver Star, 3 Purple Hearts) grumbling that it’s getting near time to take direct action. That’s serious stuff.

      • Unfortunately, while true, it destroys the area stores for the decent people that would no more participate in this crap then they would shit in public. More innocents always suffer in these things then the killer apes that perpetuate these riots. Just shoot ’em on site.

    • What can you expect from a mob of feral animals with average IQ’s of 60, but he aim of the (((chosen))) globalists like soros, Kissinger etc is to bring the civilized world down to the level of the porch primates

      One problem is also the (((chosen))) through their corporate media and edjumikayshun systems have been very successful in making zombies of gen x,,,y,and z as well as older TV and other msm zombies

  3. The Commies in Germany deliberately helped Hitler get elected acting under orders from Moscow. The street battes between Reds and Brownshirts terrified Germans in to voting for Hitler. Just what Stalin wanted. Stalin knew that he could never get Communism in to States run by democratic leaders. He knew that Hitler would start wars and that Communism could do some land grabbing. As in Poland and then Finland. Ultimately Stalin got probably ten times more new territory for Communist control from Moscow than he could ever have dreamed of.
    So, the Soros #googlelivesmatter thugs are trying to get Trump elected. Everything they do will scare more and more Americans in to voting for Trump. Obama got 94% of the black vote. Billary will get less, surely?
    It is absurd to think that less than 7% of blacks oppose black violence, crime and mayhem in the streets. So the final vote will be a good test as to how stupid blacks really are. Will they vote for more chaos or more law and order?
    Spics and other browns and also yellows are likely to vote Trump to stop the rampaging blacks. This also may be what Soros the puppeteer wants.
    If I am right Trump might win by a landslide and the US will become a nation of laws. If Billary wins, the USA will slide in to both oceans.
    The scary bit is that if Trump wins, what cunning evil plan does Soros have for him? Invade Iran is my guess, and Syria also. Hopefully Trump will defy the urge to become an historic war monger.

    • You’re underestimating the stupidity of blacks and Mexicans, and also the drawing power that free stuff has for them. I include in my definition of free stuff the government jobs that they will get which they are unqualified for.

      • Yes I probably should have said that 90% of those on wlefare will vote Hillary. Excepting old age pensioners, who know that both parties dare not touch them as a group. There are a lot of white oldies and they turn out to vote in al weathers. Old people are more likely to vote for what is right and best for their country. Younger lazy bums, unemployed Coons and derelicts will vote for whoever will not force them to go to work.

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