Guy in White Lives Matter Shirt and Gorilla Suit Runs Across Field at Bears-Lions Game

Yahoo Sports

A fan wearing a gorilla suit and an “All Lives Matter” shirt ran onto the field in the fourth quarter of the Bears-Lions game and ran for a surprisingly long time, roughly 45 yards all told, before being tackled by security:

Television broadcasts rarely show fans jumping on the field, for the obvious reason that such clowns don’t need the extra publicity, but gorilla-suited guy made it on anyway:

Now, as fun as watching a guy in a gorilla suit run around might be, there’s the matter of the shirt he was wearing. On one side, it apparently read “RIP Harambe,” a “tribute” to the gorilla killed by the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year and a tired, stale joke that’s still funny to the kind of folks who quote “Austin Powers” movies.

The other side of the T-shirt read “All Lives Matter,” the slogan that’s a rebuttal to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Granted, one person’s slogan of inclusiveness and awareness is another’s statement of race-based defiance, but wearing an “All Lives Matter” shirt over a gorilla costume—well, that’s either breathtaking ignorance or just straight-out, no-question racism. Not a great look either way, gorilla dude.

Actually, the shot below shows that the back of the shirt reads “Put the guns down.”

At least some on social media are saying gorilla man is black. Thus, we may not be hearing much more about this “racist” incident. A black guy in a gorilla suit that says “All lives matter” would be too far off the mainstream media narrative.


8 thoughts on “Guy in White Lives Matter Shirt and Gorilla Suit Runs Across Field at Bears-Lions Game

  1. Good protest. I wonder what “put the guns down” means? Presumably that Coons should lay down their arms and be peaceful good citizens? A riposte to “hands up don’t shoot”?

    • After posting this, I saw a pic of the perp. Believe it or not, it was a black guy wearing the gorilla suit. Put the guns down probably is some kind of pro-gun control message, but maybe he’ll explain it when he’s out of jail.

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