Cell Phone Video Shows Negro Vandalizing Trump Hotel with Black Lives Matter Messages

trump hotel vandalized

A Soros employee or an independent agent? The vandal left his initials VNN. He’s probably got a Facebook post bragging about his work, too. If the police are interested in catching him, they will.

Will Hillary disavow the work of one of her supporters?

Business Insider

Donald Trump’s newly opened International Hotel in Washington, DC, was vandalized on Saturday with graffiti reading “No Justice No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter.”

Hotel workers covered the graffiti with plywood after it was discovered.

The luxury hotel opened in mid-September on Pennsylvania Avenue, just a mile from the White House.

“Dey be callin’ dah poleeece. Black lives matter!”

Same video on youtube:

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone Video Shows Negro Vandalizing Trump Hotel with Black Lives Matter Messages

  1. What does Trump have to do with any of this???? It seems this ’cause’ has chosen Trump as a symbol of their enemies, enemies of choice that is.

  2. With citizens like that Coon guy, USA capital city Washington is one step above Third World Status. I personally would approve and vote for the death penalty for graffiti vandalism to any valuable property like this, pubic or private, including tagging. It would get rid of a lot of low life scum almost none of whom have a job. Vandals are worse then thieves, who make use of what they steal and do not destroy.

    Sydneys rail network looks like a shithole thanks to this imported nigger culture aped by wiggers and browns. USA has lots of exports these days, rap, porn, and spray paint vandalism.
    Billary will lose votes form this vandalism and Trump will win votes.

    • Note that none of the numerous black bystanders try a citizens arrest on the nigger vandal. White bystanders, maybe there only was the one I saw filming the crime? Looks like a capital city in Africa, not anywhere in the West.

      • It was that way when I visited in 1978. The federal government will give them jobs when the private sector won’t. I went there because the ratio of single females to single males is high. The single females are mostly black, however.

    • These primitives are closer to feral jungle animals than humans. Dogs lift their leg pissing a tree, fire hydrant, etc to mark their territory. In Boston there have been art show lauding the works of these sub humans as artistic genius; the same (((art critics))) that wanted award for mapplethorps crucifix in a glass of urine

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