BLACK VS. MUH DIK: Female Ferguson Legislator Accuses Fellow Black Candidate of RAPING HER


The light skinned rabbit-faced high yellow young buck Steven Roberts, Jr. has now had two rape accusations leveled against him in recent months.

Muh dik is out of control with this brutha.

So what’s new? Nothing. Every southerner back in the day knew that the bucks removed from Africa by the Jew slave traders were partly selected for their breeding abilities. Besides the Jews, always perverts, amused themselves by watching their slaves f*ck. Live sex shows on shipboard and on the Jewish-owned plantations were like the porn of its day.

And so the rape culture created by the Jew, expressed in porn and now even on network television, chugs along with blacks raping blacks in real life. Blacks, of course, rape whites, but a black on white rape wouldn’t get the attention this one is getting. White Vaginas Don’t Matter!

Cora Walker’s complaint cannot be proved very easily, but like with Bill Cosby I think we have another black rapist preying on women. I doubt this rich, connected nagger limits itself to black women either.

Both parties are Democrats, running unopposed. The young buck is taking after the Democrats star rapist, Bill Clinton, isn’t he?

New York Daily News

A Ferguson attorney running unopposed for a seat in Missouri’s state house has accused another candidate of raping her earlier this year and is asking legislature leaders to keep him out of office.

Cora Faith Walker, 31, penned a shocking letter to state house officials revealing that she had filed a police report against Steven Roberts, Jr., a former assistant prosecutor.

“My name is Cora Faith Walker. I will be in the Capitol in January as the Representative of the 74th District. Earlier this week, I reported a sexual assault to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. I named my rapist as Steven Roberts, Jr., who hopes to be in the Capitol in January as the Representative of the 77th District,” read the letter obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who first reported the story.

Roberts, the son of a local developer and St. Louis alderman, has been accused in the past of sexual misconduct. He was arrested for second-degree sodomy last year for an incident at a bar involving a female college student, according to local reports. While he wasn’t prosecuted, he was later fired from his job as assistant prosecutor in October 2015.

Walker, who has chosen to identify herself as a rape victim, sent the letter Friday to State Speaker of the House Todd Richardson, Minority Floor Leader Jake Hummel and assistant minority floor leader Gail McCann-Beatty.

Richardson said in a statement that the allegations are “extremely serious and disturbing.”

“The kind of conduct alleged cannot be tolerated in our state and will not be tolerated in the House of Representatives,” Richardson said. He noted that while the House has no jurisdiction because Roberts is not yet a legislator, “we will monitor the criminal investigation closely and continue to have a zero tolerance policy for sexual assault, misconduct and harassment.”

Roberts, too, is running unopposed in November and is assumed to take office next year. Walker said that she hopes Roberts will be kept out of the state house until “this investigation is complete.”

She said the alleged sexual assault happened on either the night of Aug. 26 or the morning of Aug.27 inside a St. Louis apartment.

The two had met at his place to talk about how they might collaborate as colleagues in the state house, she told the Post-Dispatch in an interview at her husband’s parents house. After drinking two glasses of wine, Walker said she lost all memory of the night until she woke up in a bed in the apartment the following morning.

2 thoughts on “BLACK VS. MUH DIK: Female Ferguson Legislator Accuses Fellow Black Candidate of RAPING HER

  1. The wheels of justice grind exceeding slow. I wonder when she filed the report? If a charge is to be laid the cops should do so quickly, not let months and years slip by. To me a case like this should only take a few days to decide whether to prosecute or not.

    • The USA criminal justice system works on the basis of politics. It’s hard to predict outcomes in these kinds of cases. If he was a street nigga, most likely he would at least have been indicted.

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