WELFARE SCAM – Muslims Caught buying Soda with Food Stamps to sell at THEIR STORE: “My name is Fuck America”

muslim pepe

A foul-mouthed female Muzzie sand nigger goes on a rant about her hatred of whites and of America as she’s caught red-handed on video committing welfare fraud.

If we can make this video go viral, maybe we might be able to send a group of camel turds to prison. Let’s go!

Daily Stormer

This video is nuts.

A lawyer in New York saw a pair of Moslems using an EBT card (food stamps) to buy a bunch of soda-pop at the grocery store, clearly planning to sell it at their own store.

The fact that they were doing this isn’t especially relevant. They all do this.

What is much more relevant is the level of hostility this woman demonstrates to the American filming her. She claims to have been born in Detroit, which I think is probably true. And yet she openly hates White people and America itself.

When the man filming asks her her name, she says “my name is fuck America.” She then goes on a rant about how Whites stole America from the Indians.

Arab women have similar testosterone levels to Black women.

It is absolutely insane that we have brought these people into our country so they can hate us and steal from us, while attempting to undo the foundations of our country.

We have to get them out.

We have to get them all out.

3 thoughts on “WELFARE SCAM – Muslims Caught buying Soda with Food Stamps to sell at THEIR STORE: “My name is Fuck America”

  1. In Australia, welfare is paid as cash, in to bank accounts only these days. All recipients bar none are treated as responsible adults, capable of buying food to feed themselves and their kiddies, rather than buying some heroin with the money, or putting it all on one horse, which they can do if they choose. The USA infantilises welfare, maybe because Coons are children mentally. The Food stamp system was always open to abuse. Illegally trade the stamps for booze, gambling or whatever and the middle man (Paki shopkeeper) doubles their money. In Australia, the Govt taxes to buggery alcohol, gambling and cigarettes, so they (Govt) get most of their money back from the poor who do all these things in abundance. (No tax at all on fresh uncooked food).
    I.e. USA gives $50 in food stamps and Govts get $5 back in tax. In Australia the Govt gives $100 and gets about $60 back. Oz Govt looks generous but possibly gives the poor less net than does the USA due to these high taxes on spending on “bad” things. Unless there are any welfare scroungers who do not smoke, drink or gamble??

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