‘Th’ Sound Will Vanish from English Language Due to Multiculturalism, Linguists Say


Dumb mudskins who can’t pronounce English words will prevail as they overwhelm whites by sheer numbers. The entire English speaking world will thus end up speaking in ebonics.

Shakespeare is rolling over in his grave.


By the middle of the century, the “th” sound will have vanished from the English spoken in London due to the high level of immigrants who cannot pronounce it, linguists have said.

In a study that shows the impact immigration is having on the English language, academics at the University of York say that Estuary English, the dialect currently spoken in London and south east England, will gradually be replaced by a heavily migrant-influenced English.

One of the first things to go will be the “th” sound, which will be replaced with “f”, “v” or “d”, so “mother” could become “muvver” and “think” will evolve into “fink”.

The Telegraph reports that Multicultural London English, which is influenced by the capital’s Asian, African and Caribbean communities, will also soften some words so “cute” will be pronounced “coot” and “beauty” becomes “booty”.

Also the letters “l” and “t” will be dropped from the ends of words, so “text” will be “tex” and the name “Paul” will be the same as “paw”.

The changes may affect all sections of society all the way up to the Royal Family. By the time Prince George is on the throne, the “King’s English” will sound very different to today’s Queen’s English.

Dr Dominic Watt, Senior Lecturer at the University of York, said: “Given the status of London as the linguistically most influential city in the English-speaking world, we can expect to see significant changes between now and the middle of the century.

“The major changes in the way we speak over the next 50 years will involve a simplification of the sound structure of words, they’ll become shorter probably.

“By looking at how English has changed over the last 50 years we can identify patterns that seem to repeat. British accents seem to be less based on class these days.

“Languages also change when they come into contact with one another. English has borrowed thousands of words from other languages: mainly French, Latin and Greek, but there are ‘loan words’ from dozens of other languages in the mix.”

This fun video showing English accents has over a million views:

6 thoughts on “‘Th’ Sound Will Vanish from English Language Due to Multiculturalism, Linguists Say

  1. WOW strange. Shortly after underwear skid mark Obama was installed in the former white house, I heard a number of nooze reports here in Soviet MA “claiming” that English was an outmoded language that was hacked an stolen by whites long ago, claiming it is a difficult language for non whites to learn and should be abolished as offensive to the majority of humanity. They also touted ebonics as a far superior universal language along with Spanish

    At the time (8 years ago) I thought how ridiculous, it will never fly…..now after 8 years of the communist, muslim, homosexual, crack smoking wrecking ball…..I’m not laughing

  2. The wealthy google family that can afford to send their children to private school. Their children can speak he language very well.

    Those that can’t choose not to.

  3. Devil’s advocate: The more things change the more they stay the same.

    My father is Dutch and learned English when he was 14, yet could never master the “th” sound. In truth, English is rooted in German BUT really in the tribal dialect of the Frisians who resided in Friesland, which is located in Northern Germany and Northern Holland.

    See link: https://www.google.com/#q=frisian+closet+to+engish

    Anyway, maybe it is not a regression or destruction of the West, but perhaps we are getting back to our authentic roots.

    Recall that the term “dis” in the black community means to blow someone off or ignore…to “dis” someone. Where did the rural blacks get this phrase? Um from their plantation owners, many of whom were Scots, and Scottish in close to Frisian, which is tied into Dutch and/or German.


    So are we regressing really?

    Things are not always what they seem out here…..The West is just reinventing itself….same ole same old….the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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