Scottish Boxer Mike Towell Dead Following Bout

Boxing in America is essentially in most instances two apes hammering each other. It’s never been fun to watch for a lot of white men since blacks took over the sport, turning it into a circus of Negro braggadocio.

Economics is partly to blame. White men, since they have more intelligence than blacks, have job opportunities outside the ring.

As I’ve pointed out before, blacks just don’t feel pain the way that whites do. It’s simply an evolutionary difference. That gives them an advantage in the ring.

The bout that resulted in the death of Mike Towell involved two white men battling it out for victory. White men who seek victory are to ba admired.

Sadly, Mike, father of one, didn’t make it through to the end at what turned out to be his last fight.

The Rakyat Post

Scottish boxer Mike Towell has died in hospital after the 25-year-old suffered serious injuries in a welterweight bout in Glasgow on Thursday.

Towell was knocked down in the opening round of his bout by Welshman Dale Evans and referee Victor Loughlin eventually stopped the contest in the fifth.

The Dundee fighter received treatment in the ring before being taken to hospital

St Andrews Sporting Club, which organised the fight, said early today Towell had died.

“Within the last hour Mike Towell passed away – he will always be in our hears #RIPIronMike,” it said on Twitter.

After the fight, Evans released a statement saying he was “devastated” to see Towell being taken from the ring on a stretcher.

“The aftermath of the fight is so hard to take in but I just want people to know that every thought I have today is with Mike Towell’s family.

“He is a true warrior who has brought such excitement to Scottish boxing.”


The Sun reports:

Anxious fans at the Glasgow fight watched as the welterweight was taken away minutes after suffering a series of punishing head blows at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

The fight had been screened live on local television channel STV Glasgow – the broadcast was suspended after Towell went down.

The previously unbeaten ‘Iron’ Mike, who had a record of 11 wins and one draw, was fighting in an eliminator for the British welterweight title.

St Andrews Sporting club confirmed the news on Friday night, stating his family were too heartbroken to speak

Although having large numbers of white men in boxing is not a good idea since the blows create long term brain damage, we shouldn’t look down on white men who follow in the Neanderthal steps of our ancestors, who enjoyed manly white sports like boxing.

It’s in the nature of white men to compete via a set of rules and enjoy our victories. Unlike with blacks, competitors in the ring are often friends outside the ring.

From America, condolences to Iron Mike’s friends, fans, and family. Especially to his young child and partner.

6 thoughts on “Scottish Boxer Mike Towell Dead Following Bout

  1. Any white man with a (((Che Guevara))) tattoo on his body deserves to die. Good riddance. Commies are mass murderers and all whites should shun Communism and especially (((Marxism))) and (((Trotskyism))) and (((Anarchism))).

    I am partly Scot and proud, yet deeply ashamed that so many white Scottish people nowadays are leftist fuckwits. They think the Guardian speaks the truth, that The Telegraph is the voice of Hitler, and that the Labour Party, and the (((EU))) are the Saviors of Scotland. They are Coon lovers. Che Guevara even spent time working in a leper colony, the stupid do gooder masochist fool. I wish he had caught leprosy and died and thereby done a world a favor. When I was young I though Che was great and I even read his writings. Hero of the deranged hippy generation of the 1960s (like the Clintons) who now run the world. (((Fidel))) sent him to Bolivia to get rid of him.

    If all of Africa and Asia and South America becomes Communist it is of no concern of mine, except as good news. Commies are great at killing people and the destruction of nations and economies. So why did the USA fight the Commies in such countries as Vietnam? Communism is perfect for all non white countries, but never, ever accept any of them as US did with the contents of all Fidel’s jails. Bring it on, Karl and Che!!!

    • I avoid looking at tattoos since I can’t stand them. So, I didn’t pay attention to the Communist tat on this guy. I agree with everything you say. However, I stand by my words relating to boxing.

      Adding a bit to your thoughts about Communism, the Mexicans love the “strong man.” They have a word for him, but I can’t recall what it is. They have no respect for Western civilization, even though many of them are part European. The Aztec genes dominate. They want a strong man, whether he be from the right or the left.

    • Che spent a few confident moments smoking a pipe and looking egotistically to the sky believing Fidel and especially Langley would save him when he was captured in South America.His pipe fell from his mouth when his executioner approached him, pointed a .45 to his head and said quickely before pulling the trigger, ‘ el Presidente [René Barrientos]says you die!’ They strapped his ‘corpse’ to the skids of a helicopter and flew him out for Barientos to ‘view’ the body. Several other reports during those years greatly differ, and the truth about ‘el Che’ is not likely known to the public. The Bolivian ‘ revolution’ was a master plan of the CIA, and as we are learning through the communist bastard Barry ( BARIO) Cuba was complicit either way, many Bolivians wanted Che dead. The brutal bastard had executed those he was ‘liberating’ and he found no sympathizers among the villigers. The report that Che was simply retired and hidden is a rosy picture painted by the Communist Party. The (((communists))) are the very ones who coined the ‘ mafia’ term, LEAVE NO LOOSE ENDS.
      Now you might know what ‘ witness protection program’ really is.

  2. Its theorized that the heavy gloves, while limiting skin trauma, actually increase the force of the blow by having more mass. Seems plausible to me. Why anyone would engage in a sport that at at times has large black men punching your head eludes me.

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