Rat Faced Jew Sean Penn Slams Trump Supporters in Most Insulting Way


I don’t even understand what this crazy kike is saying.

I do know that because he’s a chosen one that it’s intended as an insult.

When Penn’s hero, Hugo Chavez, died, Penn should have committed ritual suicide and joined his pal in hell.

Daily Caller

Sean Penn just slammed Donald Trump supporters in possibly the rudest way, likening voting for him to “masturbating our way into hell.”

In an interview on CBS’s “The Late Show,” the 56-year-old leftwing, dictator-loving actor told host Stephen Colbert that the choice between the Republican presidential nominee and Hillary Clinton isn’t a political one but a social one.

7 thoughts on “Rat Faced Jew Sean Penn Slams Trump Supporters in Most Insulting Way

  1. first j.e.w. (just eternally wicked) = satan; a murderer of millions+ (John 8:39-47)

    every j.e.w. = ditto, per the entire historical record (truth)

  2. ((Colbert)) is an unfunny Jew who pretends to be Right Wing, badly. This could be very funny but the guy instead shows he is just as extreme left as his former Master, that other Kike “comedian” Current Affairs phoney.
    Who needs comedy when you real life jew journalists and their goy acolytes, also pretending to be Right Wing?

  3. Penn is a talent less nasty little munchkin that even a boot like madonna saw through and dumped his ugly little arse. Is there anything good that can be said about Penn? Answer, no.
    As for the other chap, never heard of him.

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