Have A Laugh: Overly Attached Girlfriend Strikes Again


Just be glad she’s not your girlfriend!

14 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Overly Attached Girlfriend Strikes Again

  1. Crazy females are breeding nicely while hard working women that study and get careers are not having 2.1 each as required to maintain a tribe or population. Depressed women have more sex, on average. Some, like Borderline Personality Disorder types, love to have reckless sex with new meetups, including while drunk, and condoms are not interesting to them. Drug addicts have a lot of kiddies too. Usually the grandparents get to bring these kids up, or the State.
    So the future of the white race is ironically being saved by women with all sorts of mental issues. Men too. But all men want sex, well almost all except weaklings.
    Men have to be a bit nuts also to get involved with all these crazy women. Someone has to do this hard but fun job, else the browns and blacks will wipe us out.

    In a mad society, madness is functional. For identical behaviors, men go to jail, women go to mental hospitals, goes the saying.

    • Yes and no. I agree with much of what you are saying. Actually in the USA, the poor white cracker females and their black ghetto peers get put in jail for merely having a bag in the home.

      Depression is not a weakness as some may think. It is in fact an acceptance of reality. Acceptance is a stage in the sequence of the stages in death or loss ( Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance). Many “poor” whites got shoved under the bus with globalism, so they have lost a foothold in the world. So now they grapple with depression and acceptance……they are fine with being poor so long as they have families. Maybe this is not the way WE outsiders looking in at them idealize family, but their choices, their lives.

      The poor and/or single mother families are usually fine if left alone to live their lives the way THEY choose. The REAL question is are WE so-called wealthy whites ( I am not wealthy, but compared to some I may be….) accepting of THEM.

      The poor will always be around.

      Yeah poor females breed because there will always be a guy around looking for a lay, and hey, if it is there, it is there. Perhaps we have glorified “getting laid” too much? Maybe there other things to do besides chasing poon?

      • re VB I am glad we are on the same page for once. I did not say depressed women are weak nor did I refer to the poor having babies. I referred directly to the amusing picture of a crazy female burning down the home of her rival.
        I said that crazy females are having a lot of babies compared to those females conned in to getting careers. In a crazy world, craziness is functional.
        Nature does not care who has the babies, whether they are good, bad, weak or strong. Crazy white babies will still be superior to the best of black babies.
        I also did not refer at all to mudsharking or blacks.
        A male GP (doctor) once said to me “In my opinion all intelligent people are not happy”.
        I agree with the good doctor.
        The expectation of constant happiness is a fraud and an illusion anyway which leads to a lot of harm, such as addiction to drugs and alcohol and gambling.
        Men are diagnosed as psychopaths and get sent to prison. Women who did exactly the same behaviors, get diagnosed as Borderline Personality Disorder and get a lot of sympathy and “treatment”. Women are allowed to act out crazy in real life while men are not.
        Like the girl in the “housewarming” photo.

      • cartiermccloud i wonder why Paladin consistently allows you to break his site rules? You are not allowed to insult other commenters. When I read your extreme rage and anger I wonder if I have clicked by accident on to Stormfront or some other mad, debating, trolling, insult site. Youtube perhaps. Paladin does have one weakness besides cuddly puppies. He allows women to be very rude and nasty. This is a typical male weakness, allowing the “weaker” sex to get away with murder, or burning down houses. Yes to me the photo is not funny because it is too close to the bone. Though I do understand it is intended as a joke. Is it?

      • I’ve edited her comment. Cartier and VB have had their comments edited before. As far as I can recall, they are the only two that I’ve had to edit. Of course I get a certain number from new commenters that I trash so that no one sees them. There are probably a few that I’ve let in that I shouldn’t have though.

      • I actually have agreed with you on other topics as well. Yes, depression is the feelings of a person coming to term with the fact that his/her expectations do not match reality, so then depression sets in.

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