Doom On: El Cajon Police Release Tape of Alfred Olongo Shooting

alfred olongo

Scroll down to see footage of events as a police officer shot and killed Alfred Olongo. You’ll see the usual Negro pacing around prior to police pumping this crazy fool full of slugs. In the photo below he’s seen pointing what looks like a gun at a policeman.

This Twitter video is a propaganda piece with a pro-Olongo slant. It’s still got some informative information, though.

Raw footage:

And the protests against the justifiable shooting of a worthless insect continue:

Excerpt from SD Union Tribune

The videos were shown live over local news stations. About a dozen people collected outside police headquarters during the news conference watched the videos on their cellphones and reacted with anger as they heard the shots ring out.

Some honked car horns, others shouted profanities, and one man yelled, “They trapped him like an animal!”

Some hours later, people began gathering at the site of the deadly altercation, where a makeshift memorial continues to grow. People have set more than 50 candles and several photos of Olango under a tree.

By 8 p.m., a crowd of about 200 protesters turned out, many of whom pushed TV news cameras and reporters away.

A few feet away about a dozen people formed a circle, praying and singing gospel songs.

The 200 or so protesters marched though the streets for nearly two hours, at times blocking intersections as they chanted, “No justice, no peace.” Officers and sheriff’s deputies in riot gear obstructed some streets and freeway ramps.

In contrast to the previous night, there were not reports of violence, vandalism or arrests.

The city went through three nights of street protests and marches that became increasingly violent. Thursday night, five men were arrested, one on suspicion of hitting a San Diego police officer with a brick. Law officers from several local agencies used tear gas and pepperball rounds to disperse a crowd that jumped onto cars, smashed some vehicle windows and hurled rocks and bottles at officers and sheriff’s deputies.

Demonstrators claimed Olango was shot because he was black. They called for release of the cellphone video recorded by a witness who gave her phone to police to view.

Police instead released a still frame from the video, showing Olango aiming an object at officers, one apparently only several feet away.

The object turned out to be a vaping device with a short cylinder that could resemble a small gun barrel. Davis displayed a similar device at the news conference.

Olongo was a migrant from Uganda who had nothing to contribute to America. In fact, he was a parasite. Kill the parasites before they kill the host.

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