“Racially charged” Flyers Removed from Michigan Campus by Juden President–White Voices Silenced


Hey comrade Trotsky, let’s burn those racist flyers. The truth must never be spoken.

Besides the flyers, a message to white women that said “Don’t date black men” was deemed racist. Obviously, everyone knows that if you’re a white college girl, your vagina is a public utility open only to nonwhites. And we sure can’t allow a public utility to be shut down. It might make the black kids angry!


A group of racially charged flyers appeared on the central campus of the University of Michigan on Monday morning, drawing condemnation from top U-M officials, according to a statement from the university.

The posters were taken down Monday morning by a student who spotted them, officials said.

One poster argued that white women should not date black men, while a separate poster depicted a “STOP!” sign while urging “Euro-Americans” to stop “living in fear” and “denying (their) heritage,” according to a tweet from U-M’s Black Student Union.

The posters both carried an “Alt-Right” logo. They first appeared in Haven and Mason halls, according to the statement, which denounced the posters and said they “espouse a racist point of view.”

“Messages of racial, ethnic or religious discrimination have no place at the University of Michigan,” said U-M President Mark Schlissel in the statement. “Targeted attacks against groups of people serve only to tear apart our university community.”

Schlissel also said: “In this time of heightened political strife, we believe these values take on even more importance as people and beliefs are targets of divisive rhetoric. But amidst these challenging times, our core values can help ground our community.”

The university also asked students to report similar incidents to the university’s Bias Response Team at 734.615.BIAS.

The flyers come less than one week after a similar incident at Eastern Michigan University: racial slurs and the letters “KKK” were spray-painted in red, white and blue on the side of a campus building. The rest of the message said, “Leave” followed by a racial slur for black people. The messages sparked a protest with more than 150 students.

It sounds like the university’s president is a Jew, espousing Jewish values. Free speech is allowed, but only so long as it supports the genocide of the white race.

Fuck Schlissel. And fuck his hook nose, seen in his official university photo.

mark schlissel

When God handed out good looks, he shortchanged his chosen people, didn’t he?

5 thoughts on ““Racially charged” Flyers Removed from Michigan Campus by Juden President–White Voices Silenced

  1. Well done whites. Fight fire with fire. Poofter marriage maniacs and others post their rainbow shit on lampposts everywhere so why not do the same?

  2. At this stage, they shouldn’t put their alt-right label on the posters. I think some of the things they do are hurting Trump. Should wait until after he wins.

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