Heathen Women: New White Nationalist Women’s Website Added to Blogroll


I stumbled across a white nationalist women’s website called Heathen Women. It’s now in the blogroll if you care to check it out.


We are a group of White nationalist Heathen women writers, artists and film makers. We aim to return to the ways of our pre Christian ancestors, secure a homeland for the White race and ensure a future for White children.

In general, I try to remember to put any regular commenter’s website in the blogroll. So, if I haven’t gotten yours in yet, just shout out a brief reminder and I’ll add you.

17 thoughts on “Heathen Women: New White Nationalist Women’s Website Added to Blogroll

  1. Not sure what to make of this website….Heathen? Pre-Christian times? Not into that!

    Appears this gal is fed-up with the likes of Andrew Anglin and the alt-right blaming women for everything!

    One article she writes focuses on providing proof a majority of White women voted for Romney. Not specifying 70-80% black and Hispanic women voted for Obama, the alt-right implies White women responsible for electing Obama, when it was blacks and Hispanics.

    She’s into meritocracy, not patriarchy or matriarchy. Follows early women’s equality movement before Marxists turned it into ‘feminism.’

    She makes some good points. Too bad about the Heathen and Pre-Christian times. Maybe, she needs to look at pre-modern Marxist Christianity to make a comparison.

  2. Don’t forget, Wiki is jew owned. And why would you waste your time on HW site? Don’t you have enough to do with helping keep the White Race from extinction and getting rid of the niggers and jews from our midst??

    • PJ – I just checked your blogroll, and the link you have to my website is outdated… I had to use “0riginist” as my domain because I used and deleted both Originist and Originism in the past.

      CM – I see a major rift between us incoming, and you need to know what it is before you (in earnest) can support my site any further: I am a FANATICAL supporter of everything Sinead McCarthy is and does. I first heard of her a year ago when the Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany movie was released. Just that should prove to you how true she is to our cause. But just in case you need more, let’s continue.

      A search for Sinead showed this “European” Knights Project site where she’s discredited and slammed as anti-European. EKP, although allegedly anti-Marxist, is a: christian website claiming to be a: hate-free zone and: to combat racism. That’s three strikes too many. But most of what Sinead says in her defense can be concluded with common sense.

      Not the case for EKP – they’ve doctored her nose in photographs to look hooked and pointy (which looks nothing like her real nose, as proven by 100% of her videos) – this, and claiming that being phtographed with blacks is proof she’s a jewish agent. Big fucking deal – I live with non-realists who invite blacks over to my house, so being seen (or even photographed) interacting with them is bound to happen.

      The rest are simply sourceless rumors made by a disavowed former WN race-mixer working at an Indian reservation, also a state agent mulatto and a few other of its authors (a tactic used every day by jews) at EKP who use their prominent reputation solely to convince people it’s authentic… and they have immunity because they’re protected by jews! The paper trail ends there.

      Sinead, on the other hand, has been repeatedly shoahed (and threatened), and that means you can trust in her genuity. She posted this video to put these lies against her to rest (including the commenter above, who is sure that “Sinead’s mother is Jewish”) and this video by itself does a stellar job making the better case. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xEgauT2cAc

      Finally, I am an anti-christian atheist, so her being a Heathen and them being christian means I can trust her more than them – or any other christian for that matter. I started out as a cultural christian, as PJ says he is, but one borderline psychotic fact that everybody already KNOWS is that this religion is Asian and not European in origin. Christians care more about jesus, god and the bible (written by jewish men who insisted they talked to god) more than their nation or race. It’s a religion created by jews in ancient Rome for the goyim to follow. They had to steal European Paganism and appropriate it as christian in origin, and upon failing to trick us into accepting it, millions were terrorized and slaughtered into believing in christianity, on a scale much greater than the Holodomor, the Stalinist purge, or even the post-WWII Hellstorm – combined. EKP’s pro-christianity and anti-racism takes Sinead McCarthy’s biggest critic, and nails their coffin shut.

      As for Lasha Darkmoon, anybody can make a mistake and buy into a psy-op – America is in the shape it’s in because good people keep falling into these jewish traps. Claiming she’s shilling for the kikes just for that is stepping over the line, so I’m not surprised she won’t defend herself from your comments or pursue it any further after laying the matter to rest. Nothing personal, CM. Besides, Fareed IS guilty of wanting white women mercilessly raped by Muslims, even if he doesn’t say so. There’s too much evidence on his website, and too much common sense about his race, to make any case whatsoever that he’s an exception. This is a good example, by the way, of proving something without internet sources especially since most are questionable and untraceable. More probable than not will suffice.

      Finally, she’s Irish (just like me), beautiful, an unbelievable singer, capable of making white babies, and she’s closer to my views than currently anybody else on Earth; therefore, she has my brother and my eternal loyalty. Tribes are more important than nationalism. We certainly disagree on a few things… but then again, how does believing in something beyond jewish control like “the earth is flat” harm white nationalism? The European Knights Project, on the other hand, are too well-funded and well-known to convince me they got where they are all by themselves. Plus, the anti-European crap they spew extinguishes their credibility like the theory of reptilian shape-shifters.

      I’m sure your mind is made up about being subscribed to me by now, but my assessment of Ms. McCarthy has been in good faith and my criticism of EKP has been fair… and even though I’m vitrolic towards them, my criticism of your actions has been devoid of cheap shots. Does anybody ever notice little things like that anymore before they start time-consuming comment wars, such as those with vikingbitch? Because I damn sure have. What say you?

      • You’re free to worship anyone you wish, as am I. We are both also free to see the wrong paths not worth following. I let ANYONE comment on my site, I welcome all opinions and viewpoints. I ban no one just because I disagree with them. You an learn something even from those you dislike, disagree with or hate. And if some one wants a war with me, they can have it. I always stand my ground.

        Good luck with your site, you’ll need it.

      • CM: Thank you. And I will agree with that much: the policy of allowing all viewpoints, no matter how much you dislike them, is the only option for any website to have if they have a shred of dignity – if you’re really speaking the truth, then there’s no real need to defend it.

        PJ: https://0riginist.wordpress.com is my website (the capital O is replaced with a zero), and my blog is called 0riginist. My username is 0riginist and my display name is 0riginist, my YouTube is called 0riginist, and anywhere else I can be found will be called 0riginist. Even my email is almost the same as that (but with some numbers, some letters).

      • “Christians care more about jesus, god and the bible (written by jewish men who insisted they talked to god) more than their nation or race.”

        Are you thinking Christian Evangelicals indoctrinated by their Marxist taught leaders? Theological colleges have been infiltrated. God created ‘nations’ and languages. Told everyone to stay there.

        Jesus teachings shouldn’t be taken literally since he spoke in parables so only His followers would understand what He was saying. He knew there were (Jewish) enemies around Him. Who decided to put him to death? It wasn’t Romans.

        “(who insisted they talked to god).” That is something Marxists would say to put doubt in Christians’ minds. Whites and Christianity their targets! All of us should examine our thoughts to see if anything we believe might have been placed there by Marxist teachings that have infiltrated our entire culture.

        What’s happening to us can only be blamed on us, not Christianity, not Jews. The enemy will always try to infiltrate if it can. It’s up to us to be alert!

        Never have I observed so much division in races and ethnicities than that of Europeans. Maybe, Muslims! I caution Whites not to divide by symptoms
        such as, religion (atheism vs Christianity), feminism, etc. It’s one way Marxists divide and conquer us! I’m sure they are enjoying the battle between White males and females. Just what they wanted to accomplish!

        Although, the symptoms are serious, they are not the cause and will not go away until Marxism (Communism, Progressives, Democrats), is destroyed!

        It’s very simple for me. I want to drive out the ruling Marxists to save the United States for American Whites; therefore, saving them. Isn’t that what 109 countries did? Let’s make it 110.

  3. Rightpedia says, “After people accused her of either being Jewish or looking Jewish, she gave her ancestry.com DNA test results: she is 59% Irish and 41% western European.”

    Regardless of what she is, she sounds a bit flakey!

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