11 thoughts on “Have A Laugh: Wedding Fun

      • I agree! Let’s do a joint op! Im quite irritable. I literally wasted an entire day on a horrific case of animal abuse with egregious behavior by LEO only to be dumped on by rescue blogger. As to K9 Lina, I have a ton of info as to layers of government from town to top state.

      • No I did him too. Will read yours though. I’m trying to get exposure for both of these petition links. First link is article that’s been written. The Baylor I didn’t write yet. The first petition is urgent but was directed to wrong authorities (I didn’t draft it). That’s why within article I urge using social media and give specific links.

      • I am just getting back from spinning my wheels (still grinding jaw) and looking for it now. I put out a story complete w/one or my text on pics accessory for man jailed Thursday for killing his family dog as a sacrifice then BBQ her. He owns a BBQ business! At first glance I thought Santeria. I Tweeted it to you.

      • I couldn’t locate it last night. I’ll try later this evening when I’m more composed. All around bad day. One year anniversary of the El Faro tragedy ~ several were from my temporary home state of Maine with one young man being not far from me.

  1. I’ll be back in a bit. Bhavior so egregious b yet another rural southern sheriff’s dept crossed my plate minutes ago & im gearing up shall we say? Most disturbing…

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