Disgusting Fort Bragg Soldier Ordered to Carry Picture of Puppy He Drowned


John Garrett Burrow is a psychopath.

He tied up his lab puppy and threw it in a pond where the poor creature drowned.

He’s apparently still in the American military. This demon spawned by his father Lucifer should never be allowed to carry a gun. If the military wants to keep him, that fine organization should send him on a suicide mission in Afghanistan.

His wife, pictured, was an accessory to his crime. This barbarian loving woman may ultimately receive punishment enough just by being married to him. If I were her, I would sleep with one eye open.

Army Times

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — A judge has ordered a Fort Bragg soldier to keep a picture of the puppy that he drowned in his wallet while he’s on probation, along with other punishments.

Multiple media outlets report Spc. John Garrett Burrow, 24, was ordered Tuesday to keep a photo of 8-month-old Riley, a Lab mix that drowned in November 2014. Burrow had pleaded guilty to felony animal cruelty for tying Riley’s feet to his snout with military parachute cord and tossing the dog into a pond.

Superior Court Judge Jim Ammons sentenced Burrow to 30 days in jail and 100 hours of community service. He must carry Riley’s photo in his wallet for two years, WTVD reported.

Burrow apologized in court, saying he has no excuse for killing Riley. A charge of accessory after the fact is pending against his wife, Kelsey.

“I’m sorry,” Burrow said, according to a report in the Fayetteville Observer. “So very sorry, and sorry to Riley. I did love Riley. I did love that dog. I have no excuse.”


Burrow, the slimy lying maggot, should also be banned from ever owning a dog again. All you social justice warriors could actually do something useful by tracking his movements and reporting him if he ever does acquire ANY animal–dog, cat, parakeet, or anything else.

One more thing. “Thank you for your service, asshole.”

8 thoughts on “Disgusting Fort Bragg Soldier Ordered to Carry Picture of Puppy He Drowned

  1. I will leave a bum note as I often do on doggy stories, Puppy killers are perfect stock for the murderous needs of the US military. This guy should get to full General ASAP.

  2. Surprising the judge and military didn’t take this more seriously since animal cruelty often translates into criminal tendencies towards humans. .

    • Among the comments at the source site was that since he has the conviction on his record, the military can now act to do something about him. I hope so. As you might guess, this story makes me very, very angry.

  3. I was horrified by the brutality oh his act AND that the family tried to capitalize by creating fraudulent fundraising pages. Thats why I said bye bye to FB. I stumbled upon a fraudulent GoFundMe page yet not one person seemed to care that this whale sized woman was making money on (3) different pages claiming it was to get life saving cardiac surgery for a GSD puppy.

    This human hubris isn’t worthy of a uniform unless it has horizontal B&W stripes. The wife is just as culpable. It was a tooth grinder story for me as well (have a special love for black dogs).

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