Airbnb Pledges $1 million to Support “Refugees” (Shitskins Invading the West)


Unlike some of the posts here which deal with relatively trivial matters, this one involves a company promoting hard white genocide. You can help destroy Airbnb.

As you might guess, the owners of the company are Jews.

The Airbnb globalist owners have already corrupted the American legal system, via making previously illegal home rentals legal. They are also corrupting white neighborhoods with projects to bring in “diversity.”

Now their goal is to finance the invasion of the West by even more shitskins.

These evil bastards need to be put six feet under, financially speaking. Do what you can to help bankrupt them.

If you don’t know what the company does, here’s its Wikipedia page.

An easy thing to do would be to boycott the company. More difficult would be to disrupt company operations, since you need to scan a government ID into the company’s website to participate. If anyone looks at the way it operates and can strategize a disruptive trolling operation, then have at it in a comment.

Home is where we feel the greatest sense of belonging. The refugee crisis in the Middle East, Northern Africa and Europe has resulted in over 60 million people being displaced from their homes in one of the greatest humanitarian challenges of the modern era. With winter approaching, they are in need of urgent protection and assistance.

Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where people can feel like they belong anywhere they go and we proudly support refugees as they integrate into new communities around the world.

Please join us in supporting refugees and make a tangible contribution to the relief efforts by donating to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency.

Airbnb will match your generous contributions up to $1M USD.

*Through December 31, 2016, Airbnb will match by making up to a total contribution of up to $800,000 USD as a cash donation to USA for UNHCR. In addition, for contributions over $800,000, Airbnb will match your contribution by providing up to $200,000 USD in travel credits to assist relief agencies like MercyCorps.

You can also share your support by using hashtag #WithRefugees or #BelongAnywhere on Twitter. In showing your support, you can help to leverage our global community to raise awareness of this humanitarian crisis and raise much needed resources to help meet the needs of refugees around the world.

According to these assholes, shitskins belong anywhere. Let’s put a few of them inside the homes of the Jew owners so they can experience diversity firsthand.

judaism intensifies gif

4 thoughts on “Airbnb Pledges $1 million to Support “Refugees” (Shitskins Invading the West)

  1. Odd business name, it sounds like an airline, maybe intentionally. It is instead to do with renting vacation homes. Boycott the (((bums))). Girlcott them if you are a lady.

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